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We l o v e sensory play. I have made sensory bins for Lo since she was a baby. When she was younger, and more inclined to put things in her mouth, I found myself limited and sacrificing creativity for practicality. Now that she is way past that phase at 3 1/2 years old, I can do more. She loves the different bins and she asks to bring tim out often. So I like to keep it fresh and exciting for her.
Since coming across a large bundle of buttons, I was brainstorming many ways we could incorporate them into our play, art, and learning. Thus far, we have glued them, counted, them, sorted them, showed them off, and now incorporated them into our sensory play.
This one is of a man throwing a snowball at snow people.
Fun for all ages. We all had our hands on this box and made different scenes.
I love this little multi-colored flower scene.
And how Logan sorted them here from big to little.
And this little face here, of course.

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