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Here is another one of our fall finds.

We found these perfect pinecones a few weeks back. 
Heaps of them coated the pine needle blanketed ground. 
I have never seen so many at once. 

We filled a whole grocery store bag of them with plans to get creative with them. I have memories from when I was younger of making pinecone art.

Logan loves combining nature and art. So thats what we did. 

Pinecones + paint. 

They came out lovely. Our plan is to in the next week or so, add some string to ready them for our Christmas tree. They are still sticky with drips of sap. I had plans to bake it off, but I kind of dig the winterish look the sap gives.

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  1. Ah, I love these - particularly your choice of winterish colours! Must make some myself for the tree :)

  2. These look so pretty, love the colours you've used! xx