warm lemon water

I have always enjoyed the freshness of lemons and lemon water. Every now and again, I like to add lemon to my water, usually with dinner [it's kind of like a treat.] So when I saw an article here and here about lemon water and health benefits, I was both interested and intrigued. 

I never knew drinking lemon water could have so many health benefits. 
Mind, body, and soul.

Benefits of drinking warm lemon water [described more in depth in the above listed links.]

1. Boosts you're immune system 

2. Balances pH

3. Helps with weight loss

4. Aids digestion

5. Acts as a gentle, natural diuretic

6. Clears skin

7. Hydrates the lymph system

The feedback received on the site was extremely positive. Some people did mention their concerns about the citric acid eroding tooth enamel, and suggested using a straw while drinking [which is what I did.]

So here I sit. 

I'm going to commit every morning, to drinking warm lemon water for a month straight to see what differences I see and/or feel. 

Today was day one.

Check out the articles, and you may [or may not] want to try it as well.
I think you will.

I hope to be able to report back with a boosted immune system, a few pounds lighter, and full of zen :]


pumpkins need paint

Since we brought home pumpkins, Logan has been insisting that they need to be painted. She must have told me 20+ times that pumpkins need paint. I have tried to direct her attention to painting other things because after all, pumpkins aren't the only things that we can paint. We have painted seashells, wooden letters, branches from tress, rocks, empty containers, and just about anything else you could think of, but for some reason Lo was hung up on painting her pumpkin. So, I caved. 
And painted her pumpkin did she ever! 
She got in her paint clothes and went to town.
 She took her painting activity very seriously trying to cover the entire thing.
Stem and all.
 It was a gorgeous day to sit outside and paint. Lo loved every bit of it. She kept saying "thanks, mommy." My sweet girl..
 She also talked about giving her pumpkin "the perfect color."
 Success! Your pumpkin is perfect : ]


welcoming fall

We welcomed fall in by spending much of the weekend outside. We wore short sleeved shirts and jackets, shorts and rainboots. The weekend weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do, so we got a taste of everything. We heard rain at night and saw sun in the morning. This morning we got Starbucks from our favorite boy [pumpkin spice latte for me and a chocolate milk for logan-- the little stinker who eventually stole the last few sips of my latte.] Scott spent most of the weekend on the road as his team had 2 games, but we got our daddy fix each night before bed and one this morning. Thanks, Sco, again for our yumm Starbucks treat :]
This may be my favorite weekend picture simply because of this little bird mouth. She has been making this face since birth and I haven't seen it in a while. I am so happy that she still has it in her; although, she might find it ridiculously silly when she is older.

 Logan had a BLAST at the block part on Saturday. Here she is proud after getting her very first "face paint." She moon bounced, jump roped, ate cotton candy, and played and played. We also are proud winners of (4) aquarium tickets. How exciting! For two specific reasons-- 1. I NEVER [can't say that anymore] win anything, especially chinese auctions or anything requiring my name/ticket being pulled. I have have had really dull luck. Fingers crossed that things are changing! And 2. This was the gift I wanted to win most. We have been wanting to go to the aquarium but have been putting it off because we are trying to save money. But now... NOW we have a reason to go with no excuses! :] Just noticed: another silly mouth in this picture...haha.

To add to the fall flair in the air [poet didn't know it] we went and got a couple pumpkins too. It felt necessary. It felt right.

After a long day of winterizing the back yard and cleaning up the front porch, we took a few minutes to sit down for an afternoon snack...and a photo :]


falling for...

   Today is the first day of fall. We are very excited for it's arrival and everything that it brings.

Here is a list of some of the things that we are "falling for..."

      Logan's ever growing vocabulary. A few recent lines include:

"Daddy. Stay. Stay. I wuv you." Scott has been quite busy lately with his coaching internship and school that we haven't seen as much as his face as we would like to. Logan was not happy about daddy leaving to go pick up take-out 20 minutes after just getting home.

     "That’s a cute idea." Her response to me talking about the 'thank you' card we were going to make to our aunt and uncle for the lovely time we had on their farm and with their horses. 

"Baby’s so cute." This is pretty much said about any baby [or any child sitting in the front of a shopping cart for that matter.]

"I kidding." Lo's always kidding. Anything that she says or does that is goofy or remotely out of the norm is silly, and therefore she is "kidding." 

"Mommy...be careful." As I fill her cup with cider. I guess she thinks there may be some hidden danger within that gallon. 

      Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Starbucks has that thing down to PERFECTION.
      Boyfriend cardigans. 
      Fresh apple cider, pumpkins, and DIY fall decor [thank you interest for so much too much inspiration.]
      Home made soup.
      The color gray.
      Open windows.
      Spray paint.
      Blogging : ] Obvi..
      Ruffle Skirts.
      Block Party today! [My sisters street is having a block party with lots of fun things for kids and adults. We are all looking very forward to it..especially Logan! Pics to come..]

What are you falling for?


lovely day

Today was a lovely day. The sun was shining. The air was cool. And lunch at one of the best restaurants in town was perfect, as usual. We ate, walked around town, and bought a few things. 

We even snapped a few shots of our girl that may be my new favorites : ]

Pictures taken in front of one of our favorite little stores: Newtown Book and Record


so long, sweet summer

School has started back up, pools are being closed, and cool days are becoming the norm. Fall is rapidly approaching-- almost here in fact. 

Oh, do I love the fall...but summer was good to us. 

So sweet. 

So good to us. 

I hate to see it end.

Baseball games
milkshake dates
beach vacations
bathing suits
ferris wheels
fruit picking
and backyard adventures.

So long, sweet summer.


like new friends.

Meet, Paulina [or as Logan calls her: Paw-ween]
Paulina has been in our family since Lo's 1st birthday [it was a gift from her uncle]
but just recently we have rediscovered her. 
And since then, Logan and Paulina have been inseperable.
They tell each other secrets and giggle when daddy tells jokes.
They take naps, and walks, and read books.
They're the best of friends.

There's something so incredibly sweet about a girl and her doll.
Don't you think?


weekend adventure

So, now that I am back, blogging has begun.

Back-to-back posts? Sure, why not..

Go big or go home, right?!

Here's to a new start restart :]

So, this past weekend we spent a lot of time outside. We were trying to take in all that the end of summer had to offer. That included, swimming, night time walks, picnics, and farm visits.

We visited family that lives on a farm. We got to feed the sheep, ride the horses, and dodge flies. Good times! The photos we took that day are just too fun not to share, and what better time than now? ;]

This was Logan's second time at the farm and I just knew she would love it even more this year [being miss independent and all.] She took complete advantage of her freedom. She was so brave around the animals [more so than I.] She got to feed both the sheep and the horses, and did it like a pro. She especially loved going into the barn and bringing out handfuls of hay for the horses.

This little sheep was shy and didn't come out much. When it did, it just looked at us like we were nuts.

This little house used to be part of the chicken coupe they once had. Logan was quite fond of it, mainly for it's petite-ness. She kept saying: "wittle house, awww." Haha, she is too much.

This pony was under the impression that I had an unlimited stash of carrots. When I didn't produce, this is what she did. Funny.
This is one of the horse flies that landed on one of the horse's back. Huge. Creepy. Thing.

My girl. In her riding pants & boots-- ready to ride. 

                                                            Beautiful red barn.

Logan and Daddy. I love how she is looking over at him.

Providing the horses with plenty of hay!

On the wagon ride.

What a beautiful day!

I used to love going to my uncle's when I was younger and spending time outside with the animals. I am so grateful that my daughter now can also experience these things. 

Are there any specific activities and/or events that you took part in when you were young that your children now do?