weekend adventure

So, now that I am back, blogging has begun.

Back-to-back posts? Sure, why not..

Go big or go home, right?!

Here's to a new start restart :]

So, this past weekend we spent a lot of time outside. We were trying to take in all that the end of summer had to offer. That included, swimming, night time walks, picnics, and farm visits.

We visited family that lives on a farm. We got to feed the sheep, ride the horses, and dodge flies. Good times! The photos we took that day are just too fun not to share, and what better time than now? ;]

This was Logan's second time at the farm and I just knew she would love it even more this year [being miss independent and all.] She took complete advantage of her freedom. She was so brave around the animals [more so than I.] She got to feed both the sheep and the horses, and did it like a pro. She especially loved going into the barn and bringing out handfuls of hay for the horses.

This little sheep was shy and didn't come out much. When it did, it just looked at us like we were nuts.

This little house used to be part of the chicken coupe they once had. Logan was quite fond of it, mainly for it's petite-ness. She kept saying: "wittle house, awww." Haha, she is too much.

This pony was under the impression that I had an unlimited stash of carrots. When I didn't produce, this is what she did. Funny.
This is one of the horse flies that landed on one of the horse's back. Huge. Creepy. Thing.

My girl. In her riding pants & boots-- ready to ride. 

                                                            Beautiful red barn.

Logan and Daddy. I love how she is looking over at him.

Providing the horses with plenty of hay!

On the wagon ride.

What a beautiful day!

I used to love going to my uncle's when I was younger and spending time outside with the animals. I am so grateful that my daughter now can also experience these things. 

Are there any specific activities and/or events that you took part in when you were young that your children now do? 

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