^ Thinking that maybe this clock should find itself wrapped and under my tree Christmas morning. 

^ I've been scouring the internet for the perfect bread recipe. I may have finally found one.

^ I'm finding myself drawn to non-traditional christmas vibes lately. Love this little x-mas print.

^ Forever drooling over Pinterest bedrooms. This is one of my faves.

^ It's been an embarrassingly long time since I last had my hair colored, and only now am I feeling like a change. Feeling like I need a little blonde in my hair and just some pampering in general. Maybe something like this.

Advent calendar insp. with Golden Crisp® + SING©

Each holiday season we set up an Advent Calendar and Christmas countdown for Logan. (See here and here. It's one of my favorite traditions and one I hope she will cherish when she's older. We always have so much fun planning out what fun we'll fill our month with. We as a family generally choose experiences over things, so rather than opening little pockets of candy each day, we mix it up with different things to do in our home and within the community. Some of those things include: driving around and looking at Christmas lights, pictures with Santa, day date to a movie, kitchen crafts, a mini pre-holiday getaway, making handmade cards-- all things we would most likely do any way, but when presented in gift form, tend to feel so much more special. So when I had the chance to partner up with Golden Crisp® + SING©  I just couldn't turn it down. This partnership filled two spots on our list: a kitchen craft and a movie. 

Our first stop was our local grocery store to pick up a box of Golden Crisp®.

We decided to make an after school holiday themed trail mix. We added two cups of cereal as our base and then threw in all sorts of things we had on hand. We added yogurt covered pretzels, m&m candies, snow caps, walnuts, and snowman shipped marshmallows. You could add anything really and it would still be yum! 

Logan loved that this recipe is 100% kid friendly and she could basically do it on her own, with little help. 

She even helped herself to a serving.  Extra marshmallows and extra Golden Crisp®.

We plan on doing our kitchen craft prior to the movie with hopes of bringing our snack with us to the theater. Double win. We are so excited to see the movie SING©. As a family we are drawn to musically themed movies, so the movie SING© got our immediate attention. I can't recall what movie we went to see when we first saw the preview, but it was then we decided that it would be one we went to see in the theaters. To say Logan is excited would be an understatement. Those cute little animal characters, those funny one-liners, and the catchy tune; we're sure to be singing them the whole month long. 

And as an added bonus: Golden Crisp®cereal has partnered with SING© and they are running a sweepstakes for a chance to instantly win movie tickets and more. When you buy Golden Crisp® cereal, check your box for your chance to win. 

Go here to do so. 
Grab your coupon here.

I'm feeling lucky, are you?

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four month old adler

Our sweet baby boy is four months old and though it's only been four months, 
I really can't imagine life before him. 

His favorite things include gnawing on his knuckles, blowing little crab bubbles, and making the cutest noises. 

He has the most laid back personality and is such a please to be with. 
All he wants from life right now, is milky, a dry diaper, and to be loved. 
He takes his bottle eating very seriously at this point, but he doesn't overeat. 
He knows what he wants, and since we've figured each other out, things have been great.

More favorites include a blanket to snuggle, folk music, his pacifier-- 
when his hands aren't in his mouth, and Mama. 

He  has already accumulated several nicknames like: Viche', ViVi, V-Boy, Addy, Wormy, and Gil. 
He brightens up any room, and is so generous wth the smiles. 
We couldn't love him any more than we do; and I'm pretty certain he feels the same about us. 


adler gillis

On June 3rd, a Friday morning, at 10:11, our sweet Adler Gillis entered the world weighing 7lbs 12oz. With lots of hair, soft squishy cheeks, and the chillest personality already; we couldn't have been any more pleased in meeting our boy. 

My sweet Adler, you are loved so much, and we are so incredibly lucky to call you ours.


she calls me mama, i call her silly

Our Mother's Day was beautiful. We woke up to sunshine for the first time in five days, which actually felt more like fifty. Much like bears waking from a long winter's nap, we awoke refreshed, curious, a ready to take on whatever came our way. My little love, beaming, brought me breakfast in bed which consisted of a beautifully colored fruit salad that she diced up herself. There was an abundance of handmade art and the most love filled notes. We pulled the blinds up high and greeted the day. We made grilled chicken nachos and chocolate chip cookies. We put out a blanket and sat under the blooming tree in the front yard. It was the perfect spot with equal balance of sun and shade. Logan flipped about in the yard and discovered a dying bee she soon became obsessed with. We hula-hooped and blew bubbles. It was pretty perfect. I'm so thankful for this babes for allowing me to be her mama, for accepting the bad with the good, for filling up each day with light and love, and for teaching me so much about myself. I am forever grateful.



^ Waiting in line to see Santa.
^ Picking out Christmas trees, and partaking in community festivities on maybe the coldest night yet this season. 
^ Found a tree at a new stop very close to home.
^ We participate in a holiday #NaturePalExchange and made some new friends in Seattle in the process. Hoe wonderful is this nature package?! Such a great seasonal surprise! 

*Hoping to document our package that we sent out to them soon.
^ These vintage plastic nativity lawn decorations have been on my grandmother's porch for as long as I can remember. They bring comfort and joy, which in December feels just right.

**I 'm playing a catch-up of sorts in documenting our photos here in this space. I've been using Instagram as my number one tool for photos and documenting, but I want to store them here as well, sharing a little more in-depth for our electronic family scrapbook. I'll be chipping away at the archives in the next couple of weeks clearing out the  photo albums in my iPhone. I'm also hoping to pull my camera out more, or maybe even invest in a new one.  Here's to hopes and dreams!

back in june, when summer just began

We woke early Sunday morning before the sun had shown. With sleepy eyes kept open by excitement, we ventured north. Our first stop was in Boston where we spent the night in our favorite city. It rained about 90% of our trip but that didn't keep us from seeing this part of the city-- a part we have never been. We ate at a touristy restaurant called The Barking Crab located right on the harbor. We ordered chowder, crab leg clusters, and beer. We walked around the Harbor around parts we never explored. Scott's family is from Boston and his Grandmother still lives there. We visited her in the poshest nursing home maybe ever. She was delighted to see her grandson but even more excited to see Logan (her only great grand-daughter, and the only great grandchild she's had the pleasure of knowing.)  It has been a few years since our last visit, so to say we were overdue, would be an understatement. We didn't stay very long as our timing wasn't exactly pairing well with her schedule, but we did have a nice visit. I captured some of the sweetest moments between Logan and her great grandmother who absolutely adored her. Logan was very lovable replying nice and loud and presenting herself with the best manners-- making us look so good as parents ;) *A few weeks before Christmas, Scott's grandmother passed away. We are forever grateful for being able to see her smile before she left. Those memories and these photos are extra special now. 

After a not long enough 24 hours in Boston we headed North 2 hours to New Hampshire where we met cousins for a few days. We had no connection to the outside world in the house where we spent most of the time due to rain, but that didn't matter much because we kept busy eating, and drinking, and just being with each other. It was nice to be unplugged and forced into a pace where we were able to slow down and just be. Once the sun finally showed itself, we ventured out to a local lake-beach that was incredibly gorgeous. It had the prettiest green mountain backdrop and the clearest water. We bought tubes and floated about. The boys had so much fun wrestling through the water and swimming out to the furthest point, while logan collected rocks, swam in knee-high water,  and people watched while she waited for daddy to take her out far with her older cousins. Daddy took Logan on her first canoe ride and learned that she was in fact better at rowing than he was. She was so proud of herself, and loved everything about the experience until they came crashing in to the shore and she fell back off her bench landing on the wet bottom of the boat. It's safe to say that neither of them were quite the expert they thought themselves to be. ;)

We left for home after a four night stay. We left around noon and I was greatly surprised to find that traffic wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be. We stopped a few times to stretch our legs and to get some coffee, and ice-cream. It was a Cold Stone for lunch afternoon, providing smiles for everyone, even the freshly turned 13 year old boy in the back seat that kept asking "what state are we in now?" every.fifteen.minutes. But we survived, and got home safely, refreshed, and full of dreams for our next trip.