summer time, on my mind

These past few days the weather has been kind. So kind, that it's left us wanting more-- more sunshine, more hours of daylight, and more time spent outdoors.

Logan especially loves to venture outside after a nap, and now; we can finally do just that [for now..I know the cold isn't quite gone for good, but that's okay.] It's still too chilly for bubbles and sitting on the ground with sidewalk chalk, but we're ready.

In the mean time, with smiles, we are taking in all that winter has to offer. But summer time, is definitely on all of our minds.


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skipping stones

I think one of the coolest things about being a parent has to be, being able to relive your childhood through your children [only living it now from your parents view from when you were young.] 

One of my dear memories from my youth is going to the lake to  skip stones. My favorite part was searching for those perfectly round and smooth stones, just right for skipping. Usually I ended up just throwing them, because for whatever reason, skipping was never as easy as my mom made it look. No matter how hard I tried, it never worked. I didn't mind much though, I just loved hearing that "plop" sound as the stone fell into the water. Skipping stones always appeared as such an art-- one I could not concur. Still can't actually. Haha. 

This week, we brought Lo to the park. Against Scott's better judgement, we ended up at the water's edge with muddy fists filled with rocks and stones. Logan had the best time ever. Grunting and squealing with each throw [future tennis star in the making.] She made us laugh and laugh and laugh. This girl is such a little nature girl. I am sure that the earth moves because of her :] 

We spent a while searching for and tossing stones. Logan chose to stay near the water rather then relocating to the playground. My kind of girl. But we did get a chance to stop by the park for a quick play before the wind picked up. Double win.



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

The sun is shining
The princess is smiling.
Life is good.


new age, new heights

Yesterday was Logan's 3rd birthday, and fortunately, both Scott and I were able to spend the entire day with our sweet girl. We started our morning with presents and yogurt [Lo's favorites] and had a pizza lunch and a visit with Great Grandmom [another favorite.] We went to our local mall for Build-A-Bear specifically, and made a bear bunny. Lo named her "Majesty" and is loving her so much already. At Logan's request, we put her on the "bunjee jump" trampoline ride. I was sure that she was going to back out once she saw the harness, but nope...not at all. It actually had the opposite effect; I seriously think it added to the trill. This girl is a dare devil, no doubt. The attendant kept sending her higher into the air and raising my anxiety in the process. I was just as proud as I was anxious though. Haha. My little thrill seeker. We celebrated with Cold Stone ice-cream, a crockpot dinner, and Lo ended her birthday with a birthday bubble bath. I am so grateful that Sco, Lo, and I were all able to spend the day together. It truly was such a special day for us all. Lo especially :]


today: my baby turned three

Today my sweet babygirl turned three years old. And though she talks and acts every bit like a pre-teen, I can't help but sit here in disbelief. 

But these photos are proof.

Proof of seasons changing. 
Proof of endless loving. 
Proof of a growing girl. 

My girl. 
My big girl.

It happens all too fast. 
Time, pleasepleaseplease slow down-- just a little.

Happy Birthday, Logan Greer. We love you more than anything in this world.



This little thing called love = a BIG love. Saturday we had an early celebration for Logan's 3rd birthday. We had the best turn out-- a house full of family and friends. Lo was in her glory with many, many familiar faces and ones we haven't seen in a while but had been missing. Logan played and played and played. I celebrated with the best sangria ever [courtesy of my sister,] and Sco got in some football fun with the boys. As per my usual, I didn't capture many photos during the party. Fail. This one above was taken right before the party via my phone, and I love it...I love her. Look at that face. I still can't believe she will be three in two days. The party was a success despite the fact that we forgot to buy candles, and that Lo cried as she was sung to [more photo fails.] She really isn't a fan of the Birthday song. She better learn to like it though, because another cake **with candles** is coming on Wednesday. 

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"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

What a treasure-- a true gem. 
I love how your eyes match the chair.
This reminds me of the ocean. 
This reminds me of the sea.
Has me wishing for summer months.
Gives me a heightened appreciation for the winter months.
Makes me happy.


so much love

...in this little family of mine. I am beyond blessed-- today and everyday. Lo and I spent the day together dancing, eating, and enjoying a warmer air. Scott spent the day in the city getting his learn on. Tonight we are all together enjoying some cheesy pizza and tv time. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you too are feeling a similar love.


valentine snack mix

Lately, Lo has been into kitchen crafts. She loves to showcase her independence and is more than willing to help out-- especially when sprinkles are involved. And being that she loves chocolate, we decided to create something that included both. So here you have it. If you haven't tried white chocolate popcorn yet, you haven't lived. We recommend Ghirardelli "classic white" chocolate chips.



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

This face. One of the many reasons why I love winter.


most recent finds

1//Lo thrifted this key. It's a magic key, just ask her. 2//This chair was my $9.99 find. I don't know where I am going to put it just yet, but at that price, I couldn't leave it there. 3//Lo loves looking through the book area at the thrift store. These were/are a hit. We've read them all several times already. 4//The beautiful brown piece is a corduroy blazer Scott found. I especially love the elbow, button, and pocket detail. A win for the entire family, I'd say.. :]


sweet love is in the air

We officially have Valentine's day brain over here. In fact, a n y t h i n g and pretty much everything with a heart on it constitutes as a "valentine" as far as Lo is concerned. After nap time today, we baked valentine inspired sugar cookies with pink icing and pretty sprinkles [at Lo's request.] Not only can this girl taste-test like no one business, but she decorates like it's her job. Ha. She takes her roles in the kitchen very seriously. The best little helper, without a doubt.


roasted cauliflower

If you haven't noticed yet, we are big cauliflower lovers in our house. We are always looking for new ways to cook it. So when I saw a photo on instagram of my dear friend's roasted cauliflower dinner, I knew I had to try it-- that night in fact! And then again tonight. We obviously are hooked. Try it, and you too will be :]

Rinse and cut head of cauliflower into pieces. Toss the cauliflower in a mixture of about 1/4 cup of Tastefully Simple's dried tomato garlic pesto mix, 1/3 cup of water, 3tbsp flour, some olive oil, and then eyeballed some salt, pepper and garlic powder. Bake it on 375F for about 15-18 minutes. Enjoy!

**The best part-- you can season it however you wish, so feel free to switch it up and add your favorite seasoning. Life doesn't get any better. Neither does dinner.

Thanks VP for the inspiration!


party planning

Invites are out. And everything else is [[mostly]] in the works. I still can't believe my baby is turning three. Time seriously needs to slow down..just a little. 



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Wild hair, don't care. Enjoying her freshly painted room, while tending to her baby.