skipping stones

I think one of the coolest things about being a parent has to be, being able to relive your childhood through your children [only living it now from your parents view from when you were young.] 

One of my dear memories from my youth is going to the lake to  skip stones. My favorite part was searching for those perfectly round and smooth stones, just right for skipping. Usually I ended up just throwing them, because for whatever reason, skipping was never as easy as my mom made it look. No matter how hard I tried, it never worked. I didn't mind much though, I just loved hearing that "plop" sound as the stone fell into the water. Skipping stones always appeared as such an art-- one I could not concur. Still can't actually. Haha. 

This week, we brought Lo to the park. Against Scott's better judgement, we ended up at the water's edge with muddy fists filled with rocks and stones. Logan had the best time ever. Grunting and squealing with each throw [future tennis star in the making.] She made us laugh and laugh and laugh. This girl is such a little nature girl. I am sure that the earth moves because of her :] 

We spent a while searching for and tossing stones. Logan chose to stay near the water rather then relocating to the playground. My kind of girl. But we did get a chance to stop by the park for a quick play before the wind picked up. Double win.


  1. This is such a beautiful post! I agree -- I love reliving my favorite childhood memories with Ethan. <3

    The pictures are just gorgeous as well. I love her little hat!

  2. what goes with polka dots? more polka dots!