new age, new heights

Yesterday was Logan's 3rd birthday, and fortunately, both Scott and I were able to spend the entire day with our sweet girl. We started our morning with presents and yogurt [Lo's favorites] and had a pizza lunch and a visit with Great Grandmom [another favorite.] We went to our local mall for Build-A-Bear specifically, and made a bear bunny. Lo named her "Majesty" and is loving her so much already. At Logan's request, we put her on the "bunjee jump" trampoline ride. I was sure that she was going to back out once she saw the harness, but nope...not at all. It actually had the opposite effect; I seriously think it added to the trill. This girl is a dare devil, no doubt. The attendant kept sending her higher into the air and raising my anxiety in the process. I was just as proud as I was anxious though. Haha. My little thrill seeker. We celebrated with Cold Stone ice-cream, a crockpot dinner, and Lo ended her birthday with a birthday bubble bath. I am so grateful that Sco, Lo, and I were all able to spend the day together. It truly was such a special day for us all. Lo especially :]


  1. wow!! what an adventurous girl :) my little girl turned 3 in december and it is so amazing to see how different each kid grows. my girl would never be up for something like this. she is very shy and and cautious around new people and things.

    but it looks like she had a great birthday! here's to an awesome new year for you guys!!

  2. What a great birthday, and I agree with kristy my little one turned 3 in August and I doubt she would do the jumpy thingy. How amazing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY little one!

  3. i know, right! i NEVERRR would have thought she would have either. i even had a "you did so good for trying" speech prepared and all. but i'm so proud that she did. she seriously had the best time! thanks for the birthday wishes!

  4. aw happy birthday to your girl! what fun to be able to spend the day together... they grow up too fast!

  5. Yep, I constantly want to slow down time....;)

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  6. AW. I'm so glad you guys got to spend the whole day together. I'm still dying over that bunny♥

    Sounds like she had pretty much the best birthday a three-year-old could ask for! (pizza, ice cream, Build a bear, AND bubble bath?! HECK YES.) :)