"A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014."

Logan: My little yogi. Forever dropping poses.
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(I've been documenting them on my Instagram#logansyogadiaries) 
And a throw back to my very first photo from last years project.. 
I can't believe how much my sweet girl has grown. 


tis the season

 ...for all things ridiculously holiday.
annnd, the cutest cousins.



"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

Logan: the other night Daddy had an event in the city, you tried everything in your power to keep him home. Unfortunately, staying home wasn't an option, but Mommy is always the second best option, and that made you smile. 

48 & 49 || 52

"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

49. || Logan: at the ,rest-stop, loving life. and mama's latte. Burry, but beautiful.

48. || We bought a little 2.5ft  tree  at the supermarket, so we could stick to our holiday decorating tradition (the day after Thanksgiving.) We are getting a big tree next week, a real one. Our first in a while, your first ever. 

shadybrook christmas shop

A few saturdays back, Logan, Angelo, and I went to Shadybrook to take pictures in front of the Christmas tress for our holiday cards. It was so cold and windy that we spent most of our time walking around the their little Christmas shop. 

I love coming here every year.
They always have the cutest, most unique ornaments and seasonal things.

Santa wasn't there yet so Angelo decided to take his role, and play the big man himself. 
Logan wasn't afraid of this Santa. 

She picked out the cutest little mouse girl ornament, which she later decided was too heavy for a tree and cut off the string making her a cuddly friend. 

We played outside in the park area for a bit until we were just too cold and went home.

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my favorite things pt.3 || gift guide under $100

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 //13 // 14

I had way too much fun with this. My Pinterest has gotten so jumbled lately that I am loving having my wish lists clustered together in one spot for easy reference. This gift guide prompt was $100 and under. I wanted to share some cute inexpensive throw-in ideas.

1. I love the look of simple clean natural wooden toys for babies, especially when they're hip like this cute camera. Follow link for other grown-up toys for babies. Sewing machine, record player, shaving kit, laptop, keys, and wallets to name a few. Really neat stuff!
2. Perfect for any sports fan. I love Ebay for the biggest variety and quick shipping. Scott would die over this Patriots hoodie.
3. I think these coffee scoopers would be the perfect addition to a gift for coffee lovers. I picture it tied to a bag of Starbucks coffee in a beautiful holiday ribbon.
4. These are on my little Yogi girl's list. They would be a fun activity to keep any kid active and busy.
5. I love, love, love, this bag. I ordered this one a few months back for Logan and she loves it! It is such great quality and super handy for our outings and adventures. I'm swooning over this red one now. 
6. This wristlet is everything. It's sleek, simple, and more importantly practical. It comes in other great colors too. It's a want and a need all wrapped in one. 
7. I pinned these a while back. They are adorable. What kid wouldn't love one of these?! Heck, I'd love one myself!
8. Mustard on babies is these best. It's gender neutral, and so much cuter than your generic pink and blue. These made to order leggings come in sizes from 0-5T. They are $19+ shipping, which is cheaper than most handmade leggings on the web.
9. These shoes are another item I have pinned way back. Each time I went to order them they were either out of budget or sold-out. Figures.  The green, in fact, are no longer in stock right now too. I again love that they are gender neutral. 
10. Another want and need combo. Hair ties pretty enough to wear as bracelets. Logan would love these.
11. Another great gift for my little Yogi. At her age, I don't know if she necessarily needs this one per say (as it retails for $54+) but it's definitely one to keep in mind, especially if she stays interested in it.
12. This site had THE BEST temporary tattoos. They have the biggest variety of the most unique things and phrases.
13. We have this hat and it may be my favorite one Lo's ever had. This style is vintage meets clasic  Perfect for young and old.
14. When shopping for someone who you may not know their color preference or style, black -and-white is always a safe bet. As are geometric shapes. This frame is perfect. Everything in the shop is. I could make a wish list from there alone. 

Happy shopping! I hope you have found some inspiration here for your gift giving this year.
Remember less is more. 
Unless you're giving cash. 
THEN, more is more. ; )

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thankful for...

Logan: Mommy and Daddy || Watermelon || Chocolate || Rebecca (her baby, stuffed monkey) || Toy Videos

Scott: Family || Football || My job || Having what I need || Electric Blankets

Me: Sco and Lo. Family in general. || Health || Happiness  || Yoga Pants || Day dates

There is something so comforting in traditional list making. It's so different to pen thoughts down rather than to announce them on the spot, to truly think about them. That's why this year we pulled out some pretty stationary and wrote down 5 things each of us were thankful for, big and small. We turned it into an activity where we sat and really thought about the things that make us happy. This was especially nice to do with Logan. We discussed being thankful and how things that make life easier and things that we can't live without would probably be good things to list. We talked about why these things make us happy. Because of that, I find it particularly funny that Logan listed watermelon and chocolate. It literally couldn't be any more true. I appreciate her honesty, and her ability to be able to list these things on her own. She gets that from her Daddy-- who listed football second. Hahah... I love this little family of mine. And I am thankful for them not only on Thanksgiving, but every  other day of the year too.

monthly grid || november

November was
many hours spent outside, 
short sleeves/ long sleeves, 
new looks, 
shorter days, 
so much love, 
and lots of sillies.