"A portrait of my child once a week every week."

Logan: My beautiful blonde surrounded by beautiful greens. We were out assessing the flooded creek. You were intrigued by the different look of this little creek.

More photos from this day here.


it's like a river

Good observation, Lo-- It sure does looks like a river. In fact every time we get rain-for-days rain, our street looks like a river, sometimes raging. 

After Logan woke up from her nap yesterday, we took her outside to see the normally 'ankle deep' creek that runs through the woods, resembling more of a river than anything else. She loved watching the water flow, and listening to sloshing sounds from the water of the normally quite creek. Lo loved jumping in the large puddle of water flowing into the drain. 

Everything was so damp, so green, and so pretty. So was this little blonde explorer. 

Lo's first thing to me this morning was about the creek, and if it was still "so, so full." Checking it out is on our agenda today-- along with a library outing and a mama/baby lunch date. 

Happy Wednesday!


butterfly art

Can there be such as thing as too hot to swim? Well, today we declared it. And although the kids managed to get a little pool time in, much of the day was spent indoors. 

I recently came across a fellow mama blogger, Kim, and her awesome blog with craft ideas, inspiration, and tons of printables --> win!

Last week Lo and I were butterfly watching in the backyard-- so when I saw this printable, I knew it would make a perfect summer craft that would allow for me to expand off of one experience to further our knowledge and re-examine what we had already learned. 

Logan and her cousins each got a printable and paints to share. I love how different-but-same they all look. The older boys really took their time and put a lot of effort/thought into their butterfly. I loved that they were just as excited about it as Logan was. 

I am so happy to have found Kim's blog, and highly recommend it to other mama's looking for some ideas to keep their kids creative sparks going. I already have a few things printed out for future crafting and others bookmarked [for later printing] for Lo's homeschool preschool program.


summer: in her element

The backyard is still a treasured place, however high heat and feisty mosquitos are taking over. Cool air from the rain came rolling in today, so we are hopeful for a less itchy and sticky tomorrow.



"A portrait of my child once a week, every week."

Logan: You sweet little flower child. You have the cutest little taste in everything. I love that about you. I love everything about you.

Stay sweet, little one.


these days

  • We've been practicing patience. [not pictured above.] 
  • Lo went to her very first movie with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. She had the best time-- even though she couldn't tell me anything about the movie. But she did tell me how delicious the popcorn and soda was.
  • We've been exploring the idea of homeschool-preschool. I may even doing a little curriculum planning to see if it's something we can manage.
  • Lo and I have a ton of mama/baby time with daddy working 50+ hours a week. So needless to say, when it's the weekend, we soak up as much of daddy as possible.
  • We spend a great deal of time poolside, mostly in. My girl is a fish, no doubt. The weather has been so disgusting hot and humid that if we are outside, we need to be in the water. I'm over this permaheatwave. Like for real.
  • We have been forming budgets and keeping to them without much struggle. Such an accomplishment for us :]
  • We have been eating fresh and local mostly with a few cheats here and there. There are many summer-months birthdays in our family, so cake is too often at the ready. 
  • We haven't ventured out for many play dates lately, as much of our time is spent in our own backyard. But I did find a weekly story time/craft at the local library that I would like to take Lo to.
  • We have been getting close to a daily dose of cousin time, which Lo is loving. These boys have her heart.
  • We have been reading a lot of books these days, a lot more than usual. Often I catch Lo in a self made pillow nook somewhere with books.

backyard butterfly

Yesterday's backyard adventure involved a butterfly study. This Butterfly Bush brings all types of butterflies-- usually big and boldly colored ones like so. With us being indoors for much of the week due to rain, rain, and even more rain, it was a pleasant change to be outside by the pool with visits from our winged friends. Lo gave this little lady the name: Jewel. She always thinks of the most unique names, it's so sweet.

I love to look at butterflies, but the second one flew too close to my head, you can bet I let out a shriek. Logan looked at me like I was crazy. I hope she doesn't pick up my ridiculous fears, and loves and embraces nature for a long as possible. 


on-the-go play

These days, Logan is so into imaginative play. She keeps herself so busy with barbies chatting about the movie they just saw, or begging their mom for new boots. It is the cutest thing, ever. In sticking to our sensory bin theme, I decide to make her a little play set that she could take with us when we go out to dinner, to the doctors office, to Grandma's house, or anywhere really. It's small, it's compact, and it is perfect for play wherever.

For the case, we used the plastic Johnson&Johnson band-aid container. We decorate the outside with stickers to match the theme of it's contents. We looked through our random toy drawer for littles to fill it with. And since its creation, it has been a hit.

I love it. And more importantly, Lo does too.

When she goes to bed, I plan to rummage for other little toys so we can make another.


"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Logan: Today you took the liberty to go into your dresser and pick out your own outfit [because apparently I wasn't moving fast enough.] Every single piece was hand picked by you. You couldn't be any more proud of your ability to create such a style. And I couldn't be any more proud-- though I do not think that tights constitute as pants, today I will play along. Good job, baby girl! Excellent choices.


sensory play

It had been far too long since our sensory tub was filled with anything. Of the many we had made, the "Under the Sea" themed bin was always a favorite. It is so simple, yet provides us with hours of play. 

This time around, Logan was able to help with gathering and assembling. She is so helpful in everything we do. She is so observant. She is flexible and kind. And she is so, so silly. She amazes me everyday.

I love to just sit back and watch her play.

Lo and I have been brainstorming for other "worlds" to create-- I can't wait to see what ideas she comes up with.


backyard adventure = smiles

Hard to believe that yesterday morning and much of the day this little girl was running a fever, her first in fact. She didn't want to eat, drink, or move. I couldn't even get a smile from my poor sweet girl. Then suddenly, out of no where, she asked to go in the backyard for a walk. She loves taking walks around the yard. Since the pool is smack dab in the middle of the yard, it provides a nice little oval track for Lo to explore. She loves smelling the flowers, naming their colors, and more recently counting their petals. So thats what she did with her cousin, Jordy. He was so good to her yesterday. He laid and watched TV with her [her picks--props for that alone!] read to her, and encouraged her to drink, drink, drink. And now today, he's running a fever and not feeling well. Poor guy. But you guessed it, Lo is his caretaker now-- such a sweet little pair these two. Yesterday we had a scheduled movie date to see 'Despicable Me 2' which was rescheduled to today, which again had to be rescheduled till tomorrow or thursday, providing Angelo stays well. We have fingers all crossed over here.