these days

  • We've been practicing patience. [not pictured above.] 
  • Lo went to her very first movie with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. She had the best time-- even though she couldn't tell me anything about the movie. But she did tell me how delicious the popcorn and soda was.
  • We've been exploring the idea of homeschool-preschool. I may even doing a little curriculum planning to see if it's something we can manage.
  • Lo and I have a ton of mama/baby time with daddy working 50+ hours a week. So needless to say, when it's the weekend, we soak up as much of daddy as possible.
  • We spend a great deal of time poolside, mostly in. My girl is a fish, no doubt. The weather has been so disgusting hot and humid that if we are outside, we need to be in the water. I'm over this permaheatwave. Like for real.
  • We have been forming budgets and keeping to them without much struggle. Such an accomplishment for us :]
  • We have been eating fresh and local mostly with a few cheats here and there. There are many summer-months birthdays in our family, so cake is too often at the ready. 
  • We haven't ventured out for many play dates lately, as much of our time is spent in our own backyard. But I did find a weekly story time/craft at the local library that I would like to take Lo to.
  • We have been getting close to a daily dose of cousin time, which Lo is loving. These boys have her heart.
  • We have been reading a lot of books these days, a lot more than usual. Often I catch Lo in a self made pillow nook somewhere with books.


  1. I do "tot school" homeschool with my two year old and it's been such an awesome experience! I'm totally that dork who is up until 2 a.m. on Friday night curriculum planning. It's super fun.

    1. oh, yes, that is great to know! if you don't mind i may have to pick your brain a bit :] thanks, mama!

  2. I'm so glad you contacted me - I love your blog and your daughter is adorable! We are thoroughly enjoying our preschool homeschool and I hope you and enjoy yours as much!