first snow day of the season

Lots of excitement over here for the first snow day of the season-- a sweet snowy Saturday! We were all home for the day with no place to be, so the timing could not have been better. The snow began to fall around the time we were waking, and since the weather was well below freezing; as it fell, it stuck. It didn't take very long for bare branches to be snow-covered, and shortly to follow, so was everything else in sight. It was a winter wonderland for sure. It was the coldest of days, which made gearing up for an outside adventure seem like a lot of work, but it was so worth it. Sco and Lo aren't exactly the biggest fans of the cold, and I'm not completely myself, but when we get a nice snow, I just can't deny getting outside (despite the chill.) We are a family of layers. I'm north east born and raised so we have all the essentials: hats, gloves, scarves, big winter coats, etc... but every year we have an issue with Logan's winter wear. Last year was the pants, this year the boots. One of these days I'll accept the fact that she's a growing weed and not count on the previous years gear to fit. Our first attempt out was a fail because the rain boots I put on her were too tight and she was miserable. It ended in tears. I tried bribing her to go back out with me in different boots, with no luck. It wasn't until we discovered an old vintage sled in the attic that she changed her mind and threw back on her layers of clothing. She had the best time letting daddy whip her around on the old sled. Daddy had the best time running that new snow blower. ;) We are looking forward to more snow days, preferably on a day where we have no where to be. 


Quick and Easy Breakfast with Post® Cereal

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Post Consumer Brands, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


We've partnered up with Post Cereal to get fancy and creative with Grape-Nuts® cereal. This is a cereal I've purchased many times before, but never ate as anything but just that. It was fun getting creative in the kitchen with Lo again to make something healthy and delicious that she too could make + enjoy. We brainstormed a few ideas, but decided on this. It was quick and easy and didn't require much time or energy.

Ingredient List:

1 Banana

Your favorite peanut butter
Post® Grape-Nuts® Cereal ----> as little or as much as you choose.


Cut banana as desired. We cut the banana in half and then cut into three, because using a knife in the kitchen is a novelty with this girl, so all the cuts! Haha

Next, coat banana pieces with Peanut butter. We used Smucker's Natural Chunky, and it was so creamy and great for spreading, plus it is such a delicious PB.

Sprinkle or dunk your pieces with 
Grape-Nuts® cereal. Use more for added crunch or less if you prefer a smoother bite.

We drizzled agave nectar over our plate for added taste and aesthetic. ; ) 

You could drizzle anything really, but you absolutely do not need to. 
It is such a yummy treat without.
This serves as a great breakfast dish,  but really could be eaten any time of the day. 

We are excited to try out some of the other ideas we came up with using Grape-Nuts® cereal. We especially love it's crunchy texture, and the fact that you could incorporate it into many things-- think: baked goods, smoothies, topping in a  yogurt bowl, to name a few.

Before you make this recipe, or try something else listed above, make sure you print out this COUPON to get a discount on Post® Grape-Nuts® and other great Post® cereals. 

Enjoy #spoonfulsofgoodness with every box of Post® Grape-Nuts®.


beautiful boy

This little love is 7 months. He is sweet, and smart, and pretty much the best thing to happen to us as a family. We love him so much and are excited to see him grow in 2017.