how to win on game day with tyson chicken

This post is sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We are a house dived when it comes to football. Well, not completely. Half of us roots for one team in one division, and the other in another division. So there really aren't any problems unless the play each other. Hello Game Day. Speaking of Game Day, would you believe that our family has had some of our game day decoration for over 20 years?!?! That touchdown cardboard up there: yep, true story. Sunday is football, and boy do we love game day. I think it's safe to say that we equally enjoy the food as much as the game. In fact some of us are truly just here for the food, amiright? I love playing around with different recipes and finding inspiration on the web for appetizers to try out. Sliders are definitely a favorite in our house. It's like you can eat more, but its not truly more. ;)

We always incorporate crafting into much of what we do. On game day I find it's a great way to get the kids involved to feel more like part of the day-- even when it's centered around football and food. We had Logan cut us out some footballs for simple but impactful decor. 

Typically we'll head to our local Walmart for all the fixings. This week we added something new to our spread: Honey BBQ sliders with a squeeze of Cesar dressing topped with pickles. They were gone in minutes. SO good. We already decided we will be adding them to our Game Day spread. We also picked u some of Tyson®Any’tizers® chicken fries (literally, the best chicken fries) at Walmart too. These were Logan's pick, so we obliged. We also served the in some fun serving cones so she could neatly eat them in front of the TV, something else we'll have on hand for Game Day!

Walmart never lets us down on selection and pricing. I preheat the oven while we unpack our bags, and then get everything ready while the chicken cooks. I always overcook things in the oven, so I was sure to set the timer with just enough time to prepare the rolls. Thats actually all I had to prepare with these. Easy peasy! Then we added a drizzle of Cesare dressing and some pickles. Quite honestly, the chicken itself is so tasty that we didn't really need the dressing, but it sure did add to each bite.

If you are looking to try out these sliders, here is a photo of the boneless wings we used for them. I've also included the Tyson®Any’tizers® Chicken Fries packaging, because as stated above, they are literally the best chicken fries ever.

I would love to see your Game Day spread favorites. Feel free to leave your link below. Or if you have any dishes that are must haves, please share that too!