a simple father's day with huggies

This post is sponsored by Huggies, Pull-Ups, GoodNites but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Fathers day is right around the corner, and that's very exciting for us! Daddy is kind of a big deal around here. His work schedule hasn't been very traditional the past few years so he gets a lot of daytime with the kids, that many dads (and moms) don't. We want to make the day special for daddy, and we intend to do so the best way we know how.

We don't tend to celebrate commercial holidays like most people. We don't spend ridiculous money on each other and buy things that society says we should. Rather, we celebrate year round. Instead of getting flowers once or twice a year on a specific holiday, I get them sporadically throughout the year when he knows I need them most. A random Monday morning in September met with iced coffee and bouquet of red roses is far more lovely than any gift he could give me for Valentine's day. We also value experiences over things: day dates, a trip to the book store, a drive to the beach. Home things too, like: sleeping in, packing each others lunches, shared chores, diaper duty.

So for Father's day, I like to spoil him in ways that are impactful and last the entire day. Cue waking up early with the kids, breakfast in bed, handmade cards, and the dreaded diaper duty. So when Huggies offered to partner up for Father's Day it just made sense for me to do so. 

Since the day Logan was born Scott stepped up to diaper duty like it was his job. Having never changed a diaper before we didn't know how well it would go over, but it turns out he's a pro. Having both babies vis C-section, my recovery time was longer, and without hesitation or complaint, he just dove right in. Thats been his parenting style in everything he does when it comes to the kids. He's the dad that reads to his kids before bed, he fills the tub high and lets them play for as long as they want. He's the dad that puts his daughters hair in a ponytail, and it looks okay. He volunteers for school parties, doesn't miss a soccer game, lets the kids tag along for errands (even though it takes longer with them). He is always affectionate and loving. He teaches them things and is patient while they learn. He loves their mama and shows them how they should love and be loved. I could not have asked for a better father for my children. I tell him how wonderful he is all the time, and I hope he truly knows how special he is. 

The best part about partnering up with  Huggies is the ease of shopping with Amazon from my home and saving money in the process. That means no crazy weekend shopping and long lines-- super convenient, and it saves me a ton of money that I would have spent on things I don't need. Anyone else find things just find their way into the shopping cart!? 

Thanks to Amazon I not only save money, but also time, which is huge for us! 

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How will you spoil Dad this year?
Any special traditions you have?
Do you go along with societal traditions or do you do your own thang?
Drop a line in the comments!
I'd love to hear.


wobbel board


It has been quite the adventure finding play items that double as a therapeutic aid in helping Adler become a strong walker. In-home physical therapists no longer bring their own items, so many times I’m scrambling for new creative ways to make such things: couch cushions, pool noodles, cardboard boxes, etc. So when I saw this Wobbel Board, I knew we had to have it! It arrived just in time for Adler to work on strengthening + balance in his core. Since it’s arrival it has been used in both therapy sessions and free play. Logan loves it too. (maybe even more so!) Both kids use it daily: a cool place to drink milk, watch a movie, practice yoga, do ‘rocky’, breakfast tray, slide, ramp— all the ways. More than I hoped or needed. Hypotonia mamas the Wobbel Board is a must! All mamas actually— we love it!

See more Wobbel Boards in action on Instagram here and here.

friday night out

Friday night out.
Our first in way too long.
A blurry disco ball lit capture.
The best of the 347 that we took.
Documented nonetheless.