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Five things I'm loving right now...

^ I'm crushing extra hard on this bike since Santa delivered Logan a new bike.

^ Speaking of Santa, one thing he forgot were these shoes for Lo. Unfortunately, they are out of stock right now. Fortunately, Lo has a birthday coming up soon. ; )

^ I've been keeping this quote in the forefront of my mind, and hoping others can/will do the same-- they're only little once.

^ Loving the simplicity of these two pieces here. So plain, yet so beautiful.

^ I have a few books on my nightstand waiting to be 'finished.' In the new year, I plan for a before bed time of more reading and less screen time.

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a holly, jolly christmas, this year..

I didn't take many photos this Christmas because we were so in the moment, that I basically forgot. But these few that I did take, I wish to savor forever. This was our best Christmas thus far, as a family of three. Logan has finally reached an age where she can understand most things-- and does she ever. This girl knows just about every Christmas song made, ever. It's so fun to hear her sing the old ones especially. She has mastered the art of wrapping. And aside from her already (non-surprising) taste testing skills, she can decorate like no ones business. This holiday season we watched snow fall, visited Santa, assembled the most perfect tree, drove around looking at lights, and ate way too many candy canes. Usually once Christmas is over, I feel a little down-- mostly because it comes and goes all too fast; but this year is different. I feel satisfied, full even. I feel ready to put 2013 on the shelf and ready to welcome 2014. These past few months, I've been experimenting with the notion that, 'less is more,' and from what I'm finding, it really rings true. We hope to carry this with us into the new year, along with a slew of other things, and a slower pace.



"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013."

Logan: I recently pulled out the sewing machine to test out my (high school freshman year)  'Sewing 101' skills to see if I still had any ability left. It appears I did learn something, and retained it all these years. Your new sweater pants are up-cycled from an old Gap sweater of mine. I love the way they turned out and you in fact, may even love them more than I do. They look so sweet on your sweet little legs.

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Five things I'm loving right now.
^ this little pretty
^ recycled can succulents
^ large white lights
^ hot soft pretzels fresh out of the oven on a chilly day
^ bright & cheery ornaments

I think this little series may be my new favorite for documenting my current 'digs.'

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little things / / from my phone

1.  real fruit snacks
2.  coffee filter snowflakes
3.  sunday morning iPad time
4.  v is for vulture (our letter of the week)
5.  tiny frozen drops on tiny frozen buds
6.  cream of wheat has become a staple breakfast
7.  pictures for santa
8.  semi-sweet dipped chocolate covered almonds is our go-to snack
9.  all that's left is this empty bottle
10.  masterpiece in-the-works

Lots of little themes going on this week..
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little freeze, big love

Sometimes the cold can be so, so ugly-- it robs you of any warmth you have as it pierces what little skin peeks out between your scarf and hat. 

But then other times, it is beautiful and the only thing stolen is your attention. It captures your eye and pulls you in. It persuades you to take your hands out of your mittens and become fully absorbed in it all. 

That's what happened this morning. 

Last night frozen rain and low temps owned the night. We awoke to glistening white sights. The temperature had risen and everything once frozen was slowly beginning to thaw. 

Never before had I seen ice in so many forms: thin layers, little ice clusters, hard icicles-- thick and thin, smooth sheets, crystalized ice, and piles of snow turned into snow cone ice piles. Branches looked like they were dipped. 

It really was a sight. 

I'm so happy to have captured it.

Today I developed a new found love for the cold.



 " A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013."

Logan: after the snow stopped and the sun peeked it's way through the heavy clouds, we ventured out for a walk around the neighborhood. We had to cut our walk short because it was so very cold-- brrrr. Although, you didn't seem to mind one bit, you little polar bear.

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f r i d a y / / f i v e

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 Five things I'm loving right now 
^ vintage ornaments
^ simple, natural, organic, and beautifully wrapped gifts
^ people are so quick to think negative-- no better time than now to change that
^ this thai basil cashew chicken skillet dish. chicken. cashews. sold.
^ rugs. rugs. rugs. this one is in my top 4. love the muted colors.

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little things-- from the phone

^ Seasoned olive oil and cauliflower soup for dipping some ciabatta loaf goodness.
^ Christmas cards and foam ornament gifts.
^ Sleeping beauty under the softest cozy.
^ Channeling my nephew's inner artist. By: Angelo, age 10
^ Fitting room fun with my guy. Regretful that we didn't bring the shirt home.
^ Discovered a new second hand book store. And it's hours.
^ Wrapping gifts while the little one sleeps.
^ Logan always makes a friend in the library. This one in particular was the same age, with the same    boots, and stripey legs like Lo.