a holly, jolly christmas, this year..

I didn't take many photos this Christmas because we were so in the moment, that I basically forgot. But these few that I did take, I wish to savor forever. This was our best Christmas thus far, as a family of three. Logan has finally reached an age where she can understand most things-- and does she ever. This girl knows just about every Christmas song made, ever. It's so fun to hear her sing the old ones especially. She has mastered the art of wrapping. And aside from her already (non-surprising) taste testing skills, she can decorate like no ones business. This holiday season we watched snow fall, visited Santa, assembled the most perfect tree, drove around looking at lights, and ate way too many candy canes. Usually once Christmas is over, I feel a little down-- mostly because it comes and goes all too fast; but this year is different. I feel satisfied, full even. I feel ready to put 2013 on the shelf and ready to welcome 2014. These past few months, I've been experimenting with the notion that, 'less is more,' and from what I'm finding, it really rings true. We hope to carry this with us into the new year, along with a slew of other things, and a slower pace.

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