little freeze, big love

Sometimes the cold can be so, so ugly-- it robs you of any warmth you have as it pierces what little skin peeks out between your scarf and hat. 

But then other times, it is beautiful and the only thing stolen is your attention. It captures your eye and pulls you in. It persuades you to take your hands out of your mittens and become fully absorbed in it all. 

That's what happened this morning. 

Last night frozen rain and low temps owned the night. We awoke to glistening white sights. The temperature had risen and everything once frozen was slowly beginning to thaw. 

Never before had I seen ice in so many forms: thin layers, little ice clusters, hard icicles-- thick and thin, smooth sheets, crystalized ice, and piles of snow turned into snow cone ice piles. Branches looked like they were dipped. 

It really was a sight. 

I'm so happy to have captured it.

Today I developed a new found love for the cold.