hunkered down

So here we are amidst Hurricane Sandy on the East coast. No work, school, or anything. Everything is pretty much closed [with a few exceptions.]  As of right now, most places are closed tomorrow too. There have been state of emergencies and mandatory evacuations. This massive storm is "all but certain to cause massive flooding, power outages, and road closures." Great... :/ The winds are horrifyingly intense-- and because of that, I am extremely uncomfortable with all the trees surrounding this house. I can't believe how many leaves have fallen, just today.
 These trees specifically rattle my nerves.

But aside from all the damp, dark sights outside; inside is wonderful. We have each other...and power. Hopefully, none of this changes! Our night will be pretty simple. We'll play games, watch movies [fingers crossed for electricity,] eat snacks, and cuddle. 

 The city of Philadelphia went into a state of emergency, so no school for daddy! This made Logan a very happy girl. Mommy a happy girl too :]
Lo isn't minding the storm one bit. She has all she needs with her markers and paper...and a little bit of barney. And we have all we need with her.<3 Here's hoping trees stay put, power stays on, and Lo stays happy!


thankful for: weekends

This weekend I...

-Chatted with an old friend. Catching up with an old friend is great, but being able to talk as if no time has passed is even greater. It's an amazing thing to experience. I am very fortunate to have a few dear friends that regardless how much time or space has separated us, we know we can always pick right back up where we left off.

-Ate pasta...carbs in general. Saturday was my one cheat day [implemented by me.] I have been doing a clean eating diet for the past 13 days [by means of the '17 day diet.'] I am down 9.5 pounds which is exciting in and of itself! If this interests you and/or you have any questions send them my way :] I'd be happy to share my tips and pointers.

-Held 3 newborns. [There is something so incredibly calming and peaceful about holding a newb.] Almost made me ready for another. ALMOST!

-Loved on my baby girl. My favorite thing to do!<3

-Felt peaceful and alive. I love weekends that make you feel alive. The ones that provide a sense of peace-- the kind of peace that makes your heart swell. This weekend did just that.

Despite the fact that we were non-stop with birthday parties, halloween festivities, and homework [well Scott anyway] we still were able to squeeze in some time to soak up some beautiful nature [crunchy leaf pile style] and quality time with family. 

I love Lo's face here :] She is being sneaky sneaky creeping into her cousins photo. Too funny.
 Logan equally enjoyed throwing the leaves as much as she did jumping in them. She IS her mothers daughter.

 Logan is blessed with the best cousins everrrr. They always include her and make her feel so special. She is a very lucky girl.

My love.


currently: feeling, drinking, looking for, dreaming of, making

I found a cute 'currently' link up on a really cute blog, here. I really liked the themes, so I'm doing it.

Feeling: Loved. So very loved. My family is amazing. 

Drinking: Coffee. A lot lately. This is new. I blame the peppermint mocha creamer [addicting!] Coffe Mate is my brand of choice. I heard it's really good in hot chocolate too.

Looking for: Costume ideas for myself. Suggestions welcomed!! : ] I need one for this Saturday night. Nothing like last minute costume planning.

Dreaming of: Winning the lottery. But aren't we all?! Also dreaming of days when my shows aren't interrupted by presidential debates. Seriously.

Making: Vegetable soup. I love homemade soups. And this fall weather compliments them well :]


life of a crafter

Now that most of our days are spent indoors, we have become quite the crafters. Lo is pretty hardcore with her crafting. It has become a need. Or as she says, a "neeeeeed." Many mornings a craft is her first request. Most days, I try to have something specific planned for us to do. But then there are other days..days when planning isn't possible [mainly because mama is too sleepy because she was up late watching too much TV. [I have to get it while it's good ").] Those days, we just pull out some supplies and have a free for all with pretty papers, stickers, markers, paint, fabrics, recyclables, and anything else in our supply. I think Lo may like these days best. I think I do too. This is when she sits the longest : ]

 A beautiful mess, I call it.
 The only time I was able to get her to look up at me. She was very into what she was doing.

 These were our cute little monster friends [halloween season inspired.] Lo had fun gluing the eyes and mouths, and helping me tape the pipe cleaners on the back. Though, she didn't want me to hang them. Suddenly, spooky things "spook" her. This whole becoming more aware definitely has its ups and downs.. Halloween night will be interesting.. Gahh

 Here is my favorite piece. I am going to frame it and hang it in Logan's room, once we re-paint it. I placed everything out on the paper, and she glued them on. I was SO impressed with her gluing and placement skill here. The only thing I changed was the small tree because its trunk was half way off the page. Other than that, it was all her. Great job, babygirl!

Also, this day she made postcards for her cousins [seen in top picture] that we are going to mail out. We used Halloween stickers and Halloween theme color markers. She had a ball "making mail" for her cousins.

She had a ball, period.

Yay, for happy toddler!

nature love

Today we went for a nature walk. This has become Logan's new favorite thing to do. She gathered a ton of leaves, some really pretty, so I looked to Pinterest for help with ways to be creative with them. 

Here she is with her 'boykay"[bouquet] of leaves. She was so impressed with their colors. I was too : ]

This little critter we ran into out on our walk. Logan was very concerned with his safety. I was more so concerned with our safety. But interesting, indeed. Lo loved watching him waddle around.

 Here is Logan's craft, which turned into being my craft. I would say this is definitely more friendly for older children. Regular glue was not doing the job, so we opted for the glue gun, which made life a lot easier. Logan did enjoy picking out the leaves to give me for her turkey, but ultimately I had my hands on this mostly.
Here is our inspiration : ]  via

While I did the gluing, Lo worked on her own craft.

I think it's perfect. Don't you?!


clowning around

Well, here it is, finished. I finished Logan's halloween costume with plenty of time to spare. I was worried about not getting all of the pieces in time. Surprisingly, this process was easier than I had imagined. Everything seemed to come together perfectly. 

I am so happy with how it came out, and so is Lo. 
Double win. 

I have to admit, I was a little unsure about the color choices for the tutu [as selection was somewhat limited at the fabric store,] but now I am quite happy with my choices. 

Logan can't wait to be a "kown" for halloween. 

She makes a cute little one I think.
We happened to have yellow and white polka-dot legging capris in Logan's dresser, which matched the tie and ribbon on the hat PERFECTLY. 
I think the suspenders are a sweet touch and very "clown-esque."
Hat is from Party City and headband is from JoAnn's. I used extra tutu material for the hat decor. You can never go wrong with a hot glue gun.
Thanks to my mom for stitching the tie on for us. I was not feeling very confident about doing this [and it being straight,] and maybe a little bit of lazy too. But, anyway, she did a great job! It's much straighter than I would have made it. Plus she was done in a matter of minutes. 
 We're going to have to do something with this hair, too. HA.
I think she is playing the part quite well.
Silly clown, ready.



-I have been working on Logan's halloween costume(s). They are just about finished. I can't wait to share them with you. 

-Sco's football season is coming to an end with-in the next few weeks. He's bummed, but we're happy. More daddy time! :]

- Logan has been sweeter than ever. She is such a nice and kind little babes.

Logan: What's the matter mommy?
Mommy: My tummy hurts.
Logan: Aw, do you need ice?

-We hear "mommy and daddy, I love you" all the time and hugs just because. She really knows how to brighten our day.

-We've been crafting and coloring galore.

- Lo got her flu shot and was so very brave. She got to pick out TWO stickers [highlight of the day.] She ended up giving one to me and insisted that I wear it to match her. I actually got two comments on it while out at the produce market. Haha... the things we do.

- The weather has been insanely bipolar-- some days are really cool and others are really, really hot. We're trying to make the most of being able to wear summer clothes one day and boots the next but it's incredibly frustrating for me as I try to organize Lo's drawers and weed out things we won't need for the next 5 months or so.

-I've been very domesticated in the kitchen.

  -Pumpkin Spice Lattes have become the norm.

-I've been loving love :] All kinds.

-Logan is fighting runny nose that we hope doesn't turn into anything more. We're pumping her with lots of vitamin C and healthy foods.


costume ideas

Lately we have been thinking about how to dress Logan for Halloween. 

I love the do-it-yourself tutu costumes. I love the simplicity and cuteness of each costume.

Logan has a lot of input this year about her costume as she is now aware of what halloween is all about. However, her picks are extremely random. For example, her most recent costume wants were tinker bell, a ninja turtle, and cinderella. I was surprised she even knew what any of these were [except the ninja turtle-- her older cousin is a fan, so she sees them with him.]

Mostly, she is drawn to princess related costumes. She is very girly in that respect. I feel like those costumes are so very cliche for a little girl. I'd prefer she'd dress as something with a little more character, if you will.

With that being said, I am going to try to grant both of our preferences. Tutu: princess-y and ballerina-ish for her, and a character of substance: cowgirl, ghost, clown, candy corn, or snowman for me. Double win :]]

After all, come next year, I doubt I'll have any say at all.

Here are my top five-- all are fairly simple, super cute, and do-it-yourself.

I am loving all of these! Especially, the little cowgirl and clown.

Which is your favorite?


logan says..

"Starbucks has the best chocolate milk, EVER." 
Even though we have the same chocolate milk at home in our refrigerator.

"Daddy, you're the best daddy, EVER."
Scott loves this. And, he should :]

"I just neeeeed glue." 
Her new obsession. If she had it her way, every craft ["caft"] would include the use of glue. 

"That dress is pretty. Me want one."
About the girl in the yellow dress singing on The Voice. Maybe I will look into getting a similar dress for her.

These phrases are ever growing and ever amazing. 
She is amazing. 
My babes.