-I have been working on Logan's halloween costume(s). They are just about finished. I can't wait to share them with you. 

-Sco's football season is coming to an end with-in the next few weeks. He's bummed, but we're happy. More daddy time! :]

- Logan has been sweeter than ever. She is such a nice and kind little babes.

Logan: What's the matter mommy?
Mommy: My tummy hurts.
Logan: Aw, do you need ice?

-We hear "mommy and daddy, I love you" all the time and hugs just because. She really knows how to brighten our day.

-We've been crafting and coloring galore.

- Lo got her flu shot and was so very brave. She got to pick out TWO stickers [highlight of the day.] She ended up giving one to me and insisted that I wear it to match her. I actually got two comments on it while out at the produce market. Haha... the things we do.

- The weather has been insanely bipolar-- some days are really cool and others are really, really hot. We're trying to make the most of being able to wear summer clothes one day and boots the next but it's incredibly frustrating for me as I try to organize Lo's drawers and weed out things we won't need for the next 5 months or so.

-I've been very domesticated in the kitchen.

  -Pumpkin Spice Lattes have become the norm.

-I've been loving love :] All kinds.

-Logan is fighting runny nose that we hope doesn't turn into anything more. We're pumping her with lots of vitamin C and healthy foods.

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