thankful for: weekends

This weekend I...

-Chatted with an old friend. Catching up with an old friend is great, but being able to talk as if no time has passed is even greater. It's an amazing thing to experience. I am very fortunate to have a few dear friends that regardless how much time or space has separated us, we know we can always pick right back up where we left off.

-Ate pasta...carbs in general. Saturday was my one cheat day [implemented by me.] I have been doing a clean eating diet for the past 13 days [by means of the '17 day diet.'] I am down 9.5 pounds which is exciting in and of itself! If this interests you and/or you have any questions send them my way :] I'd be happy to share my tips and pointers.

-Held 3 newborns. [There is something so incredibly calming and peaceful about holding a newb.] Almost made me ready for another. ALMOST!

-Loved on my baby girl. My favorite thing to do!<3

-Felt peaceful and alive. I love weekends that make you feel alive. The ones that provide a sense of peace-- the kind of peace that makes your heart swell. This weekend did just that.

Despite the fact that we were non-stop with birthday parties, halloween festivities, and homework [well Scott anyway] we still were able to squeeze in some time to soak up some beautiful nature [crunchy leaf pile style] and quality time with family. 

I love Lo's face here :] She is being sneaky sneaky creeping into her cousins photo. Too funny.
 Logan equally enjoyed throwing the leaves as much as she did jumping in them. She IS her mothers daughter.

 Logan is blessed with the best cousins everrrr. They always include her and make her feel so special. She is a very lucky girl.

My love.

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