currently: feeling, drinking, looking for, dreaming of, making

I found a cute 'currently' link up on a really cute blog, here. I really liked the themes, so I'm doing it.

Feeling: Loved. So very loved. My family is amazing. 

Drinking: Coffee. A lot lately. This is new. I blame the peppermint mocha creamer [addicting!] Coffe Mate is my brand of choice. I heard it's really good in hot chocolate too.

Looking for: Costume ideas for myself. Suggestions welcomed!! : ] I need one for this Saturday night. Nothing like last minute costume planning.

Dreaming of: Winning the lottery. But aren't we all?! Also dreaming of days when my shows aren't interrupted by presidential debates. Seriously.

Making: Vegetable soup. I love homemade soups. And this fall weather compliments them well :]


  1. I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but peppermint mocha creamer does sound really good!

  2. try it. you will NOT be disappointed. i'm not a big coffee drinker either, but lately, it's been talking to me. a LOT :]