costume ideas

Lately we have been thinking about how to dress Logan for Halloween. 

I love the do-it-yourself tutu costumes. I love the simplicity and cuteness of each costume.

Logan has a lot of input this year about her costume as she is now aware of what halloween is all about. However, her picks are extremely random. For example, her most recent costume wants were tinker bell, a ninja turtle, and cinderella. I was surprised she even knew what any of these were [except the ninja turtle-- her older cousin is a fan, so she sees them with him.]

Mostly, she is drawn to princess related costumes. She is very girly in that respect. I feel like those costumes are so very cliche for a little girl. I'd prefer she'd dress as something with a little more character, if you will.

With that being said, I am going to try to grant both of our preferences. Tutu: princess-y and ballerina-ish for her, and a character of substance: cowgirl, ghost, clown, candy corn, or snowman for me. Double win :]]

After all, come next year, I doubt I'll have any say at all.

Here are my top five-- all are fairly simple, super cute, and do-it-yourself.

I am loving all of these! Especially, the little cowgirl and clown.

Which is your favorite?



  1. This makes my heart happy. Tutu's+little girls+halloween customes= perfect!! Your little darling is precious btw!! New follower here:) can't wait to see what you come up with.

    kevinandlaurahilton.blogspot.com. Would love you to come by sometime.
    ps. snowman is my favorite :)

  2. the candy corn one and the last one is cute.