hunkered down

So here we are amidst Hurricane Sandy on the East coast. No work, school, or anything. Everything is pretty much closed [with a few exceptions.]  As of right now, most places are closed tomorrow too. There have been state of emergencies and mandatory evacuations. This massive storm is "all but certain to cause massive flooding, power outages, and road closures." Great... :/ The winds are horrifyingly intense-- and because of that, I am extremely uncomfortable with all the trees surrounding this house. I can't believe how many leaves have fallen, just today.
 These trees specifically rattle my nerves.

But aside from all the damp, dark sights outside; inside is wonderful. We have each other...and power. Hopefully, none of this changes! Our night will be pretty simple. We'll play games, watch movies [fingers crossed for electricity,] eat snacks, and cuddle. 

 The city of Philadelphia went into a state of emergency, so no school for daddy! This made Logan a very happy girl. Mommy a happy girl too :]
Lo isn't minding the storm one bit. She has all she needs with her markers and paper...and a little bit of barney. And we have all we need with her.<3 Here's hoping trees stay put, power stays on, and Lo stays happy!


  1. Stopping by and new follower from the blog hop!! Glad you still have power, I'm down in Va. and we didn't get hit too bad by Sandy, although they canceled school here too!