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Scott loves watches and thus far, his JORD watch is his favorite.


Watch our video to see just how beautiful JORD watch is in use.


new diaper bag praise

This post is sponsored by the JJ Cole brand but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We had been holding out for the perfect diaper bag since I found out I was pregnant with Adler-- an embarrassingly long time. We had kept a lot of baby items from when Logan was little but there were a few things we knew we would want/need for baby number two. 

A diaper bag was one of them. 

I did have my diaper bag that I used with Logan as we continued to use it as a travel bag in the car and while adventuring around town, but that was begging to look and feel old. It was a perfect bag, but we had wanted something different. He wanted function and I wanted style, It seemed as if the diaper bag fairies had known this and soon lead JJ Cole into our lives.  

From the second I opened the box, I knew it was worth waiting for. It such a great quality and the colors couldn't be better. This style is my favorite choice but JJ Cole offers so many other options in style and color, it is very difficult to choose.

My favorite feature its the size and the many compartments. I am an over-packer when it comes to the kids especially. Sometimes overpacking can be very disorganized, but this bag made it easy to fill it with all the things we want and stay organized. 

^  Here is a glimpse of the many things I pulled out of the bag.

 Another feature I feel like I have to mention is the stroller attachment. Look how great it attaches to our stroller. We have another stroller too, and it attaches perfectly to that one too. It makes taking this bag along all the easier. It is so convenient having whatever we may need from the bag right there handy. Our stroller basket is nice and big but once the seat is reclined, it's almost impossible to get to anything out of the bottom, so this option solved a lot of our problems. 

We have so far taken this bag everywhere we've gone, 
and I think Scott may be just as excited to use it as I am. 
It's stylish but not too feminine for the guys. 

 Big sister even likes carrying it around. She has already once, emptied it and out to fill with her baby doll stuff So I think it's safe to say that it is little mama approved too. 

And I may or may not enjoy filling it with my mama items too, because well, my days of purse carrying are just not happening right now with a little babes.

So if you are holding out like us, or just need to refresh what your using now, JJ Cole is the way to go! Definitely worth checking out, if nothing else. Let me know if you do happen to get one. I'd love to see what you picked.

You can find more photos of how we JJ Cole on my Instagram. 


simple afternoons with goldfish

This post is sponsored by the Goldfish brand but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

What's better than food you can eat with your hands? Food you can play with while you eat it with your hands! Goldfish crackers have proven time and time again to be the perfect choice. They're the perfect size, they don't get your hands messy, and they taste delicious. AND... Goldfish crackers are always baked with real cheese and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. I’m so thankful for a snack like Goldfish crackers that I can feel good about serving to the kids-- and in return they feel good about eating too. 

It's not often that I let her take snacks out of the kitchen, but Goldfish crackers are one of the very few snacks that she will actually eat, and not spill or make a mess of. 

This week at snack time I pulled out the Goldfish and spilled some. This opened the door to a great deal of creativity. This girl spent so much time rearranging her little fish snacks over and over. Our favorite was the peace sign. Everyone can spread a little more peace.

With the arrival of Spring, came the arrival of Track & Field, Softball, and Diversity Club, on top of the Dance and Religion classes we are already in the midst of. Needless to say, our days are pretty busy. Everyday there is something and somewhere we need to be, with the exception of Monday. Ahh, Monday! So on Monday, we chill. Lots of simple, unstructured, shoe-less, cuddly chill time with my little babes. 

Of course when I tried to get some photos, she turned on her sillies, and everything became a big ol' joke. 

Visit the Goldfish Pinterest page HERE for more family fun ideas.
Visit the Goldfish Youtube HERE for the sweetest videos and inspiration.

What's your week like? Have you too overextended yourself?
How do you deal?
I'm thinking  hoping this wont be an every Spring thing for us.

We added a video of a typical after school afternoon of creating and snacking, one of Logan's very favorite things. 

Check out our video HERE.


peaty greer

I forever want to remember the little empty spaces that fill that mouth. 
I forever want to remember the sound of her laugh. 
I forever want to remember her confidence-- 
and I hope and pray that she always carries that confidence, 
and forever she will be comfortable with the way she looks + and the way she feels
...despite what society may otherwise lead her to believe. 
Raising a daughter is a privilege, 
I am so grateful for the opportunity. 


garden lites: a new staple

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Garden Lites, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I'm always looking for ways to incorporate veggies into meals and snacks throughout our day other then the traditional, with supper. We add veggies to our eggs, and a couple hand full of greens to our smoothies, but I still haven't quite figured out how to incorporate them into snacks, aside from eating them just as so with. So when Garden Lites reached out about partnering up with them, I instantly felt the need to inquire further.

Logan and I went to our local Shop Rite and decided on the Chocolate muffins and the Banana Chocolate Chip muffins. She instantly noticed the veggies on the box and was curious about them, but was easily distracted. Fortunately for us, she isn't really a picky eater so this didn't interfere with her sampling. For my nephews, (my other testers,) I had to be a little sneakier. I figured if the kids enjoyed these, then it would be a product worth buying again, and then sharing with family + friends.

I loved these muffins and their simplicity. They are easy to defrost and are just as delicious warm or cold. 

You can find Garden Lites products at their nearest Publix, Stop & Shop, Giant, Shop-Rite, HEB, Kroger or Costco. 

Use THIS exclusive $1 off coupon to stock up on your own to try, or to just check out other products they offer. 

You will not be disappointed. Especially if you go for the Chocolate muffins. Promise ;) 

If you do happen to try these out, let me know which you liked best. I know for sure we will be buying more, as Logan is already requesting them in her school lunch.


first snow day of the season

Lots of excitement over here for the first snow day of the season-- a sweet snowy Saturday! We were all home for the day with no place to be, so the timing could not have been better. The snow began to fall around the time we were waking, and since the weather was well below freezing; as it fell, it stuck. It didn't take very long for bare branches to be snow-covered, and shortly to follow, so was everything else in sight. It was a winter wonderland for sure. It was the coldest of days, which made gearing up for an outside adventure seem like a lot of work, but it was so worth it. Sco and Lo aren't exactly the biggest fans of the cold, and I'm not completely myself, but when we get a nice snow, I just can't deny getting outside (despite the chill.) We are a family of layers. I'm north east born and raised so we have all the essentials: hats, gloves, scarves, big winter coats, etc... but every year we have an issue with Logan's winter wear. Last year was the pants, this year the boots. One of these days I'll accept the fact that she's a growing weed and not count on the previous years gear to fit. Our first attempt out was a fail because the rain boots I put on her were too tight and she was miserable. It ended in tears. I tried bribing her to go back out with me in different boots, with no luck. It wasn't until we discovered an old vintage sled in the attic that she changed her mind and threw back on her layers of clothing. She had the best time letting daddy whip her around on the old sled. Daddy had the best time running that new snow blower. ;) We are looking forward to more snow days, preferably on a day where we have no where to be. 


Quick and Easy Breakfast with Post® Cereal

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Post Consumer Brands, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


We've partnered up with Post Cereal to get fancy and creative with Grape-Nuts® cereal. This is a cereal I've purchased many times before, but never ate as anything but just that. It was fun getting creative in the kitchen with Lo again to make something healthy and delicious that she too could make + enjoy. We brainstormed a few ideas, but decided on this. It was quick and easy and didn't require much time or energy.

Ingredient List:

1 Banana

Your favorite peanut butter
Post® Grape-Nuts® Cereal ----> as little or as much as you choose.


Cut banana as desired. We cut the banana in half and then cut into three, because using a knife in the kitchen is a novelty with this girl, so all the cuts! Haha

Next, coat banana pieces with Peanut butter. We used Smucker's Natural Chunky, and it was so creamy and great for spreading, plus it is such a delicious PB.

Sprinkle or dunk your pieces with 
Grape-Nuts® cereal. Use more for added crunch or less if you prefer a smoother bite.

We drizzled agave nectar over our plate for added taste and aesthetic. ; ) 

You could drizzle anything really, but you absolutely do not need to. 
It is such a yummy treat without.
This serves as a great breakfast dish,  but really could be eaten any time of the day. 

We are excited to try out some of the other ideas we came up with using Grape-Nuts® cereal. We especially love it's crunchy texture, and the fact that you could incorporate it into many things-- think: baked goods, smoothies, topping in a  yogurt bowl, to name a few.

Before you make this recipe, or try something else listed above, make sure you print out this COUPON to get a discount on Post® Grape-Nuts® and other great Post® cereals. 

Enjoy #spoonfulsofgoodness with every box of Post® Grape-Nuts®.