she calls me mama, i call her silly

Our Mother's Day was beautiful. We woke up to sunshine for the first time in five days, which actually felt more like fifty. Much like bears waking from a long winter's nap, we awoke refreshed, curious, a ready to take on whatever came our way. My little love, beaming, brought me breakfast in bed which consisted of a beautifully colored fruit salad that she diced up herself. There was an abundance of handmade art and the most love filled notes. We pulled the blinds up high and greeted the day. We made grilled chicken nachos and chocolate chip cookies. We put out a blanket and sat under the blooming tree in the front yard. It was the perfect spot with equal balance of sun and shade. Logan flipped about in the yard and discovered a dying bee she soon became obsessed with. We hula-hooped and blew bubbles. It was pretty perfect. I'm so thankful for this babes for allowing me to be her mama, for accepting the bad with the good, for filling up each day with light and love, and for teaching me so much about myself. I am forever grateful.