four month old adler

Our sweet baby boy is four months old and though it's only been four months, 
I really can't imagine life before him. 

His favorite things include gnawing on his knuckles, blowing little crab bubbles, and making the cutest noises. 

He has the most laid back personality and is such a please to be with. 
All he wants from life right now, is milky, a dry diaper, and to be loved. 
He takes his bottle eating very seriously at this point, but he doesn't overeat. 
He knows what he wants, and since we've figured each other out, things have been great.

More favorites include a blanket to snuggle, folk music, his pacifier-- 
when his hands aren't in his mouth, and Mama. 

He  has already accumulated several nicknames like: Viche', ViVi, V-Boy, Addy, Wormy, and Gil. 
He brightens up any room, and is so generous wth the smiles. 
We couldn't love him any more than we do; and I'm pretty certain he feels the same about us.