documenting baby's first year with artifact uprising

I don't think I have ever been so passionate about a partnership as I am about the 
one here with Artifact Uprising. Ever since I first discovered their Instagram feed, a long time ago, it's been a HUGE fan-girl crush since.  So when an opportunity to work with them came up, I was so excited to commit right away. 

The product I am showcasing is their Story of You Baby Book which just so happened to come perfectly timed. My sweet Adler's first year documentation has been neglected, because well, Baby Number Two. Amiright?? But also because of a backup error with my iPhone, and loosing so many photos from his first year kind of put me off. But this space and Instagram have served as a sacred space for documenting, and therefore not all were lost.

So, thank you, Artifact Uprising for getting me pumped to document Adler's first year, and for lighting a necessary fire to get it done. This book literally, could not be anymore perfect! Not only is it gorgeous in design and simplicity but it is also timeless in style-- a beautiful book to dress up any shelf.  I had the hardest time choosing a color because they all are so, so good. Color options include: orchidee, pacific blue, smoke, or olive. We ended up choosing smoke, but I seriously would have been happy with any! The fabric cover is such a great quality, but came as no surprise, because all of their products are of great quality. And as usual, everything comes so beautifully packaged. I truly enjoy thought out packaging, and Artifact Uprising is 100% in design.

I also love that the pages inside are realistic and keep busy parents in mind. I loved not having to rack my brain trying to remember things that I clearly didn't care to recall. For example: what tooth came in when, the exact day baby first smiled, rolled over, was with a sitter, etc. BUT, if documenting those type of things is your jam, this book also includes extra sheets so you can easily do so. 

I am going to post some product info below because it's such a beautiful package, and one you'll want to consider.

  • The Story of You Baby Book is the first product from Artifact Uprising that is customized after purchase – making it the perfect gift. It’s thoughtful, personable, and yet requires no building upfront.
  • The Story of You Baby Book includes a pen and adhesive and is bound with 4 metal rings to make it easy to remove or rearrange pages.
  • The Story of You Baby Book includes print credit for your first set of Everyday prints (1 set has 25 prints). These prints can be created on the Artifact Uprising App seamlessly from your phone – making your mobile camera the perfect tool to document   HOW AWESOME IS THIS!!?
  • Price point: $120 FIND DISCOUNT CODE BELOW :)
  • Page count: 100 pages, 50 individual sheets 
  • Premium fabric cover with foil stamped title, "Here Begins The Story of You"
  •  Available colors: Orchidee or Pacific Blue with copper foil, Smoke or Olive with gold foil
  • Holds 47 Everyday Prints; recommended sizes include 3.25 x 3.25", 3.25 x 4.25" and 4.25 x 3.25"

I loved putting this book together and remembering his first year as I filled it out. I hope someday Adler will love paging through this book with us. Every now and again Logan will pull her book out and we'll talk about life before her, when she was a baby, and what she'll be when she grows up-- so much conversation from this documented piece. I still have my baby book, and though it's not filled out much (Baby Number 4 Problems--HAHAH) I love seeing my mom's writing and knowing how much that book meant to her at one point in time. 

I don't push products, but this one I am totally pushing. I am SO incredibly happy with it, and I know you will be too. To buy your own book, or to gift one for a friend, you can use this code THESTORYOFYOU10 to get 10% off your order. Code is good through 10/31/17.

Happy documenting, friends!


august back yard hangs

Summer is extra sweet with these two. Logan continues to wow us as the best big sister we could have asked for our little guy. She loves him so much, and feels are mutual. Also, twinning siblings in cut off denim foreverrr.