Happy "Easter Day" [as you kept calling it] my sweet girl. This weekend has been a long one jam-packed with a ton of running and time spent out of the house, resulting in two days of a missed nap. We dyed eggs, went to an egg hunt, spent time with cousins, ate too much delicious [[junk]] food, and sat by a camp fire. You've been so, so very flexible, too. But today was difficult for you to play along. So sensitive and so moody were you ever-- but still so very cute. I'm a sucker for that sweet rasp in your voice that appears when you are beyond spent. Happy are you here simply because of the endless flowers in bloom in great grandma's front yard and the little girls that surround you. You wise one, you. Tomorrow will be low key with lots of loving, fresh healthy foods, and a walk in the stroller outside. 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."



 "A photo of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

My pea girl.
Out cold in a sea of pillows.
Sick nights turn into mornings in mama's bed.
Too old for a pacifier, but too young to care.
Your tummy peeks out of your [makeshift] jammies.
Your slumber unfazed by the morning sun.


a little, big thanks

We finally got our thank you cards out from Lo's birthday party. We had many to make, and Lo wasn't exactly feeling the whole making faces for days idea, so we did a little at a time. They came out fantastic. She drew the faces and I drew the bodies and party hats/bows. Of course I didn't measure them properly to fit in an envelope so we ended up handing them out postcard style and in person. A few little obstacles, but they are out and [most of] our friends and family are thanked. Still a few more to hand out.I love the little artist Lo is becoming. She impresses me everyday.

spring, sprang, sprung

Reasons to love spring
Color/Daily walks/Planting vegetable gardens/Curbside lunches/Breezy skirts/Bike rides/Sunshine/Day trips/Outside photos/Riverboat rides/Beach trips/Wooded trails/Parks/Reading outside/Picnics/Mismatched plates/Tulip fields/Dyed eggs/Sandals and Hoodies/Wandering



Cousin time + paper mache letters + pretty paint = super cute and easy letter wall art.



 "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Lo: Mama's black and white beauty.


is this really necessary?

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14 facts

1. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology that I'll probably be paying off until I'm 80.
2. I have been reading to my daughter since she was born. I think being read to at a young age is so important for young developing minds. We love to visit new and old book shops. 
3. I dislike, no, pity, fake people. Why be anyone but you?
4. I am a documentary junkie. I could watch them all day, any day. Know of a good one? Please share>> I'm especially drawn to ones socially and environmentally themed.
5. I love french fries. Unfortunately, feelings are not mutual. 
6. I'm a 90's kid no doubt, but the 80's hold my heart.
7. Logan's middle name [Greer] is what I so very badly wanted her first name to be. Sara-0 Scott-1.
8. I am still friends with friends from high school-- more impressively, kindergarten. 
9. I l o v e taking pictures of random things. I always have. Even before it was cool to.
10. I am not a huge fan of TV [especially for children.] Less truly is more.
11. I used to be really obsessed with buying organic products for my daughter, but now we are just focusing on naturally-natural and whole foods in general. It makes life so much easier [and healthier I've noticed.] 
12. My favorite city to visit is Boston.  
13. Despite my best efforts in trying to keep Lo 'gender neutral' in play, she gravitates to pink and princess.
14. If there is one thing I've learned from parenting, it is that change is inevitable, time is not reversible, and flexibility is key.



seaside heights-- 4.5 months later

I had been dying to get to see Seaside since Hurricane Sandy hit. Almost 5 months later, and we finally did. Today Sco, Lo, and I drove out to see our most visited beach. For obvious safety reasons, the beach and boardwalk were closed. They did however have some spots reserved for people to come and take a look. To my surprise [but clearly not theirs] people were everywhere taking pictures and trying to get as close as possible to the destruction/renovations. We stayed back, but did happen to take a few shots with our camera.
I instagramed this adorable little hut this past summer. It still stands. You can see it HERE in it's original state. 
Funtown Pier minus the pier. 
Game stands, food places, and stores, but no boardwalk.
Litter, sand, and some serious random items were seen everywhere.  Logan spotted this mint green potty.
Here is progress of the rebuilding.
Damaged claw crane machines lined this street. Some had some [destroyed] goods still in them.
This to me is amazing, that the roller coaster STILL sits in the ocean. Rumors are, it's going to be removed this week or next. I'm glad we got to see it first. 
Definitely a see-to-believe. 
It was nice to see some things starting to get back to normal. It gives hope for the summer.
Some buildings appeard untouched from the outside. But many weren't open, so I'm not too sure what that means for the inside.
The bottom of the ferris wheel looked pretty beat up, but the cars looked like they were in great shape. Unfortunately our favorite pizza shop wasn't open, but we did find ONE that was. The only one in fact-- so weird. We finished our trip up with some skee ball at the only open arcade. Lo had a ball, even though she didn't get any ice cream, cotton candy, or sand in her toes.

lately: my pea girl

The hotter your bath, the better. Each time we run the water, you kindly remind us "hot, not warm."

Lately, when I tell you something is, you insist that it isn't. I hope this phase doesn't last very long, my little know-it-all "]

You've developed a sweet love for great- grandma. She's developed one for you too. You ladies are quite a pair.

You have such an old soul, and a serious nose for direction. Better than mine for sure.

You still have a strong love for the moon. We often take you outside to say good night to "him." I don't know if this is doing you good or bad, but it makes you happy, and in turn makes us happy.

Your love for nature has grown. Even more today, when you saw your first real life bird nest. It was kind of magical.

You still nap daily. I love listening to you as you lay in your bed talking about the sweetest most random things before falling asleep.



 "A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Daylight Savings done right. 


not just yet, spring


Today we woke up to snow-- good snow. A snow that continued to fall up until early afternoon. It was the kind that sticks to grass and trees, but not to the road. The kind that wouldn't leave us stuck at home or with a ton of shoveling, but is still pretty to look at. 

This weather sure is weird. 

Just two days ago we were outside, coatless, using sidewalk chalk and admiring the pretty red buds on the trees. And then today, the chalk has been washed away and those same buds are covered in snow. 

Being that this is most likely our last snow of the season, we ventured out to enjoy our possible last taste of winter. Everything looked so pretty covered in white [including the fur around Lo's hood,] the neighborhood was quiet, and Logan and I had the best time.