Happy "Easter Day" [as you kept calling it] my sweet girl. This weekend has been a long one jam-packed with a ton of running and time spent out of the house, resulting in two days of a missed nap. We dyed eggs, went to an egg hunt, spent time with cousins, ate too much delicious [[junk]] food, and sat by a camp fire. You've been so, so very flexible, too. But today was difficult for you to play along. So sensitive and so moody were you ever-- but still so very cute. I'm a sucker for that sweet rasp in your voice that appears when you are beyond spent. Happy are you here simply because of the endless flowers in bloom in great grandma's front yard and the little girls that surround you. You wise one, you. Tomorrow will be low key with lots of loving, fresh healthy foods, and a walk in the stroller outside. 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

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