14 facts

1. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology that I'll probably be paying off until I'm 80.
2. I have been reading to my daughter since she was born. I think being read to at a young age is so important for young developing minds. We love to visit new and old book shops. 
3. I dislike, no, pity, fake people. Why be anyone but you?
4. I am a documentary junkie. I could watch them all day, any day. Know of a good one? Please share>> I'm especially drawn to ones socially and environmentally themed.
5. I love french fries. Unfortunately, feelings are not mutual. 
6. I'm a 90's kid no doubt, but the 80's hold my heart.
7. Logan's middle name [Greer] is what I so very badly wanted her first name to be. Sara-0 Scott-1.
8. I am still friends with friends from high school-- more impressively, kindergarten. 
9. I l o v e taking pictures of random things. I always have. Even before it was cool to.
10. I am not a huge fan of TV [especially for children.] Less truly is more.
11. I used to be really obsessed with buying organic products for my daughter, but now we are just focusing on naturally-natural and whole foods in general. It makes life so much easier [and healthier I've noticed.] 
12. My favorite city to visit is Boston.  
13. Despite my best efforts in trying to keep Lo 'gender neutral' in play, she gravitates to pink and princess.
14. If there is one thing I've learned from parenting, it is that change is inevitable, time is not reversible, and flexibility is key.



  1. I could have written so much of this myself! I've been reading to my son (now 20 months) since the day I found out I was pregnant. I know. He couldn't hear me, but...I couldn't help it. We're always reading together now. Our weekly library trips are my favorite. I'm also a huge documentary junkie! I haven't seen any new ones in some time, but I'd love to swap some recommendations with you sometime! Sounds like we have similar taste.

    My best friends are ones I met in preschool at age 3 and in elementary school at age 8! Don't know where I'd be without them.

    Greer was one of my top choices if we were to have a girl. My husband wasn't sold on it completely despite my pleading, but we ended up with a boy. I love Greer. It's just beautiful.

    I'm not a huge fan of TV, either. I never watched it, other than the news, until I was put on pregnancy bedrest. Then I got sucked in and I hated it, so I re-quit. My son is 20 months and has never seen television. Everyone thinks that's weird. *shrug*

    I'm big into organic, but also whole and natural foods. Nothing processed. My husband has Celiac disease and it's disgusting the level of gluten (well, and toxins/chemicals/etc.) in a lot of non-organic preservatives and such, so we're always wary of labels.

  2. This is a great get-to-know you post! I really like the name Greer. It's not a name you hear every day (my name is Kim - not as common as a Jennifer, but still very common). My daughter (2 years old) is such a girly girl too, BUT she has two older brothers, and can wrestle with the best of 'em as well!