lately: my pea girl

The hotter your bath, the better. Each time we run the water, you kindly remind us "hot, not warm."

Lately, when I tell you something is, you insist that it isn't. I hope this phase doesn't last very long, my little know-it-all "]

You've developed a sweet love for great- grandma. She's developed one for you too. You ladies are quite a pair.

You have such an old soul, and a serious nose for direction. Better than mine for sure.

You still have a strong love for the moon. We often take you outside to say good night to "him." I don't know if this is doing you good or bad, but it makes you happy, and in turn makes us happy.

Your love for nature has grown. Even more today, when you saw your first real life bird nest. It was kind of magical.

You still nap daily. I love listening to you as you lay in your bed talking about the sweetest most random things before falling asleep.


  1. Ethan loves the moon, too! The other day he saw the stars and called them babies, and said the moon was the "mommy." Now he says "moon mommy" and "star babies." I don't know if that's bad, buuuut it makes him happy -- and it's sweet...so...haha.

    1. Haha, aww...
      Not bad at all.
      Insanely cute! :)