seaside heights-- 4.5 months later

I had been dying to get to see Seaside since Hurricane Sandy hit. Almost 5 months later, and we finally did. Today Sco, Lo, and I drove out to see our most visited beach. For obvious safety reasons, the beach and boardwalk were closed. They did however have some spots reserved for people to come and take a look. To my surprise [but clearly not theirs] people were everywhere taking pictures and trying to get as close as possible to the destruction/renovations. We stayed back, but did happen to take a few shots with our camera.
I instagramed this adorable little hut this past summer. It still stands. You can see it HERE in it's original state. 
Funtown Pier minus the pier. 
Game stands, food places, and stores, but no boardwalk.
Litter, sand, and some serious random items were seen everywhere.  Logan spotted this mint green potty.
Here is progress of the rebuilding.
Damaged claw crane machines lined this street. Some had some [destroyed] goods still in them.
This to me is amazing, that the roller coaster STILL sits in the ocean. Rumors are, it's going to be removed this week or next. I'm glad we got to see it first. 
Definitely a see-to-believe. 
It was nice to see some things starting to get back to normal. It gives hope for the summer.
Some buildings appeard untouched from the outside. But many weren't open, so I'm not too sure what that means for the inside.
The bottom of the ferris wheel looked pretty beat up, but the cars looked like they were in great shape. Unfortunately our favorite pizza shop wasn't open, but we did find ONE that was. The only one in fact-- so weird. We finished our trip up with some skee ball at the only open arcade. Lo had a ball, even though she didn't get any ice cream, cotton candy, or sand in her toes.

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  1. i love looking at your photos. the colours are always spot on and the composition is so interesting.