not just yet, spring


Today we woke up to snow-- good snow. A snow that continued to fall up until early afternoon. It was the kind that sticks to grass and trees, but not to the road. The kind that wouldn't leave us stuck at home or with a ton of shoveling, but is still pretty to look at. 

This weather sure is weird. 

Just two days ago we were outside, coatless, using sidewalk chalk and admiring the pretty red buds on the trees. And then today, the chalk has been washed away and those same buds are covered in snow. 

Being that this is most likely our last snow of the season, we ventured out to enjoy our possible last taste of winter. Everything looked so pretty covered in white [including the fur around Lo's hood,] the neighborhood was quiet, and Logan and I had the best time. 


  1. Ahh, snow! These pictures are amazing. It was 89 degrees here today -- so toasty warm! Would love some of this beautiful snow!

    1. thank youuu! i don't know if i'm exactly ready for 89 degree weather just yet...but, soon! :D

  2. Beautiful photographs! It looks like the perfect kind of day. I am so glad to have found your lovely blog!

  3. Such gorgeous pictures, everything looks so pretty covered in a layer of white.
    looks like you had lots of fun and made the most of it. x