life of a crafter

Now that most of our days are spent indoors, we have become quite the crafters. Lo is pretty hardcore with her crafting. It has become a need. Or as she says, a "neeeeeed." Many mornings a craft is her first request. Most days, I try to have something specific planned for us to do. But then there are other days..days when planning isn't possible [mainly because mama is too sleepy because she was up late watching too much TV. [I have to get it while it's good ").] Those days, we just pull out some supplies and have a free for all with pretty papers, stickers, markers, paint, fabrics, recyclables, and anything else in our supply. I think Lo may like these days best. I think I do too. This is when she sits the longest : ]

 A beautiful mess, I call it.
 The only time I was able to get her to look up at me. She was very into what she was doing.

 These were our cute little monster friends [halloween season inspired.] Lo had fun gluing the eyes and mouths, and helping me tape the pipe cleaners on the back. Though, she didn't want me to hang them. Suddenly, spooky things "spook" her. This whole becoming more aware definitely has its ups and downs.. Halloween night will be interesting.. Gahh

 Here is my favorite piece. I am going to frame it and hang it in Logan's room, once we re-paint it. I placed everything out on the paper, and she glued them on. I was SO impressed with her gluing and placement skill here. The only thing I changed was the small tree because its trunk was half way off the page. Other than that, it was all her. Great job, babygirl!

Also, this day she made postcards for her cousins [seen in top picture] that we are going to mail out. We used Halloween stickers and Halloween theme color markers. She had a ball "making mail" for her cousins.

She had a ball, period.

Yay, for happy toddler!


  1. love it! my daughter will do crafts all day long. the boys wants nothing to do with paper or glue or scissors :)

    1. so cute. we're big on glue and scissors over here.

      that's funny about your boys. perhaps if you found a way to make it more destructive? haha.

      ; ]

  2. Hi there! Found you through the bog hop :) Loving your blog and I love how crafty your daughter is! You've raised her well ;)

    1. why, thank you!

      just had a chance to stop by your blog. super cute! : ]

  3. Awww. She's seriously the cutest ever. I can't wait until my little lady is big enough to craft! So fun!

    ♥Nicole @ http://meandthem00n.blogspot.com

    1. thank you again mama, you are tooooo kind!

      i'm sure you and your little one will be doing amazing things in no time at all.