nature love

Today we went for a nature walk. This has become Logan's new favorite thing to do. She gathered a ton of leaves, some really pretty, so I looked to Pinterest for help with ways to be creative with them. 

Here she is with her 'boykay"[bouquet] of leaves. She was so impressed with their colors. I was too : ]

This little critter we ran into out on our walk. Logan was very concerned with his safety. I was more so concerned with our safety. But interesting, indeed. Lo loved watching him waddle around.

 Here is Logan's craft, which turned into being my craft. I would say this is definitely more friendly for older children. Regular glue was not doing the job, so we opted for the glue gun, which made life a lot easier. Logan did enjoy picking out the leaves to give me for her turkey, but ultimately I had my hands on this mostly.
Here is our inspiration : ]  via

While I did the gluing, Lo worked on her own craft.

I think it's perfect. Don't you?!


  1. She is so stinking cute! Seriously. Real cute. Love her outfit!

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon

    1. aww, thanks, mama! she is as sweet as she looks. we are very blessed!<3