no power, but lots of smiles

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, leaving a mean and ugly trail of hardships and destruction behind for many. I won't dare complain [too much] because for us, the only loss we can speak of is power. But for others, my heart hurts.

We took a walk around the neighborhood to assess the damage. Some trees were knocked down and leaves carpeted the roads. It was actually, a pretty scene...in some odd way, I suppose.
 We had a lot of outside time, which Logan loved. In fact she loved the whole experience. She wanted the lights to stay out. What a pioneer!
 Coffee made on the stove. No joke..and not to shabby. I possibly would not have survived without it. Who knew a hot beverage could be seen as a luxury?!
 This is exactly what you think it is...or isn't. Since we didn't have hot water [and neither did anyone we know,] we legit had to boil hot water to take baths. What an interesting experience..one I'd prefer to not experience again.
 We are so happy and more than blessed to have each other. We were very fortunate for our only loss to be electricity. All of our trees are standing, the house is in one piece, cars are all intact, and our "cleanup" consists simply of piles of pine needles, leaves, acorns, and other tree bits. 
 Here was our first glimpse of sunlight. Greatly desired, but short lived. 
My long awaited pumpkin spice latte to celibrate the season..and the longings of a hot beverage.

We have been very fortunate with the outcome of this Hurricane. However, many have not. The beaches of New Jersey [where we vacation] have been swept away. The boardwalk is torn apart and a roller coaster sits in the middle of the Atlantic. 


Parts of New York City are pitch black. People in Staten Island have completely lost their homes. This Hurricane was no joke. People are suffering. It is so devastating to see. It makes me so thankful for all that I do have. 

Locally, schools have been closed all week. People still don't have power [5 days after.] Most grocery stores are just getting cold products back in stock. Places are now just beginning to re-open. Stores are mobbed because of this. People's cars have been totaled and power lines are down by tree fall. Halloween had to be postponed. Not kidding. Post to come soon!

It's incredible how in times like these people stop and think of others particularly. Everyone unites. The power of people is amazing...especially in times of despair. Simply amazing.. Neighbors and communities really pull together. It is so very inspiring when as a society we can all put our differences aside and as a whole come together when really needed. 

Now that our power is restored, I have been catching up on the Hurricane Sandy aftermath coverages, and I am even more impressed with how good people really are. 

Despite all the little annoyances and hardships the past few days, I am happy. I am smiling.


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  2. so smart to make coffee on the stove! how do you make it exactly? glad you are okay!
    ps--your little girl is adorable!