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I wanted to start a Christmas tradition for Logan that would allow for her to better understand the true meaning of Christmas-- as much as an almost three year old can. One where she could take in all the fun and beauty that the month of December holds. A means for her to be creative, giving, and thoughtful of others. I had a few ideas in mind, but couldn't decide exactly which route I wanted to take. So with a little research [thank you pinterest and blog world] I found something pretty exact to my vision here.
Starting December 1st, each day Logan will have a "gift" to open as we count down the days till Christmas. Gifts include both new and used items, crafts to complete, and things to go out and do in the community. 
-A trip to go see Santa 
-Materials for homemade gifts
-Ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies for friends
-Holiday Books
-A trip to the light show
-Tin-can craft and a wooden ornament to paint
-Christmas movies
-A trip to the store to buy our yearly ornament.
-Supplies to make Reindeer food
-Santa candy-- Pez
-A new christmas coloring book and crayons
-A trip to 'Color Me Mine' to paint a gift for Grammy

 We tried to plan her gifts according to our schedule and by what we had planned for the days so far. So, since we are going to NYC on the 9th, we made that her gift then. 'The Night Before Christmas' book, we have her opening [wait for it...wait for it...] the night before Christmas :D We got her a Santa grass pet similar to this, which will be her first gift. We hope he will have "hair" by Christmas. Fingers crossed! 

We're storing the gifts in our cedar chest to avoid temptation. Logan is on the cusp of age that this concept ideally is comprehensible for. Although Lo seems to understand the concept thus far, I think this idea will be more of an actual learning experience when she is a little older. But still, we will absolutely take everything possible from this experience for sure. I am hopeful and excited. 

We are all excited. Excited to be making sweet family traditions. Excited for Christmas. And, excited for the new year.

I hope to post about theses gifts more in depth of how they worked out :]


  1. Cute idea! I've always wanted to do something like this! 2 days away...hmm maybe ;-)
    I'm your newest follower from F+F blog hop...nice to meet you.


    1. thanks! :] you could always do the 12 days of christmas? it did take some planning, but I'm sure you could have pulled it off in 2. Haha, good luck! And nice to meet you as well!

  2. What a cute idea!
    Definitely a good way to start making family traditions.

    I'm following along from the find & follow friday hop! :)