Just recently, I stumbled across a blog post about an online consignment shop for kids where you can search by size and product. I loved the concept, and was instantly intrigued. I love consignment shops and thrift stores, but I lack the patience to rummage through rack after rack to find what I'm looking for, and, to find it in good condition [especially with children's clothes.] This company is the answer to my neglected thrift god prayers. ThredUp is the name. They have a huge selection of gently used name brand children's clothes in like new condition. You can both shop and sell. I'm a big Ebay-er [mostly for selling] but I find with Ebay I don't necessarily save much money, unless it's a big ticket item. So for buying, I totally choose thredUp.

If you're interested in thredUp, click here to get $10 towards your first order and we get a credit for referring you. Double win! :]

Here are our newest finds:

Like really, how sweet is the box?

Brands: Gap, Children's place, Guess, and Old Navy

The jeans were our Lo's favorite. Not pictured well, but they have a small jewel embellishment on each pocket that Logan went nuts over. I can't wait to buy [and maybe even sell] more. 

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  1. Use caution if you want to sell your clothes to thredUP. I sent a bag full of new and hardly-ever-worn clothes. I sent Lily Pulitzer, Hanna Anderson, Ralph Lauren, Corky & Co and Stride Rite items to name a few. Most disappeared. I got $38.88 less 2% for PayPal's cut. Customer service is poor. I will not shop at thredUP or send them anything again.