halloween postponed

Sooo, Halloween had been postponed. Yup, postponed, you heard it right. Because of all of the damage from Hurrican Sandy, township officials in much of Pennsylvania and all of New Jersey changed Halloween to a night when it would be much safer for children  and their families to walk about. Much as I hate to say it, I was okay with calling it of completely. I figured, after all, Logan is under 3-- what would she care. Well, I sure thought wrong, and I am glad I was convinced otherwise. Lo was a trick-or-treating pro, bouncing from house to house. She was worried about the next house before even leaving the one she was presently at. She had her big cousins to school her properly :] My baby sure is turning into a such a little kid
jamaican gangster/clown/monopoly guy

We had to switch up Lo's costume because of the weather. A cold blast of air arrived just in time for trick-or-treating. Brrrr. Fortunately we had some "clown clothes " on hand. Haha. You can see her original completed costume here.

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