logan says.. [smurfs, christmas, and being responsible]

Logan's vocabulary grows by the day and her sentences too. They are smart, funny, and impressive. Her little brain amazes me everyday. 

Here are a few of her recent one [or two] liners:

Logan's older cousin asked her "do you want some soda?"

Logan replied: "I'm not allowed to have soda." This was a definite first. I was so proud of my sweet girl. Still am.

At a baby she heard crying, she said: "I think that baby needs advil to feel better." Ha...realistically, all that baby needed was sleep. But, not a bad educational guess, Lo.

"It's okay mommy, I will be nice to pop pop." I wasn't concerned otherwise, but the assurance was nice. Haha. What a nut.

Current favorite songs that she belts out with all of her little heart:

Up on the House-top
12 Days of Christmas
Caillou theme song
...and most christmas tunes [as we have begun listening in our house now.]

But her favorite song to sings, mostly when she gets caught doing something she shouldn't be and wants to make light of the situation, is the smurfs song. 

Such a creative one is she.


  1. She's too cute!
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    Thanks a bunch!
    xo sandra

  2. I forgot to give you my email (oops) lol redrosevtg@yahoo.com