it's the most wonderful time of the year

The holiday season has offically arrived in all its glory-- or fury. <--This would depend upon your perspective ;] For us, we could not be happier. We are soaking up as much as we possibly can. Yesterday we went to Shady Brook Farm [our favorite local farm/market] to look at the fresh trees and explore their little side shop-- such pretty sights to say the least. We watched christmas movies, drank peppermint mocha coffee, and sung way too many christmas songs. And although we haven't purchased a single gift yet, we feel ahead of the game.


  1. this little shop looks great, we are loving this time of the year too! and your daughter is adorable in her polka dot sweater!!

  2. I found your blog from the find + follow blog hop and now following your blog. It looks like you have a fabulous time at Shady Brook Farm! And your daughter is super cute!

    1. we love it there-- such cute stuff and just a nice place to be :]

  3. new follower! :) Your little girl is adorable!!

  4. Fun! The Christmas season is the best