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To say I love aquariums would be an understatement. Any time we travel, visiting the local aquarium is pretty much an unsaid stop. We've been to some of the pretty big name ones including: Monterey Bay Aquarium in San Francisco, The Mote Aquarium [and research lab] in Florida, and New England Aquarium in Boston to name a few. Next on our list is the Baltimore Aquarium [which we put off since Lo was born b/c they don't allow strollers in the building...odd i know] which we have heard nothing but good things about. But our semi local aquarium that we try to visit at least once, sometimes twice a year in is New Jersey, right across the river from Philly, Adventure Aquarium and it's really great! Our last visit to the aquarium was last july, so we were definitely overdue. We had won tickets earlier this year at my sisters block party, so this trip was compliments of Rolling Lane. Thanks again. You have made us very happy people :] 

We were happy to see that the African Black-footed Penguins were still out. This sweet girl loved to entertain just as much as we enjoyed being entertained by her. Logan wanted to take her home. I kind of did too. All of the fish and animals were willing to please-- even the hippos! A great eventful trip for sure!

 These hippos, who I have never seen do anything but sleep were so, so very active. I was completely amazed. No joke. Any time I have ever visited this aquarium, I always leave disappointed with the hippos. Today changed all of that. These hippos were swimming, flipping, and literally running around. The kids loved running across the huge wall-to-ceiling tank along side them. It was the cutest thing. Here is one of the pictures I caught of them admiring their giant hippo friend. Logan was stoked to have made fleshy friends during the visit as well. These kids are who I thank for Lo's instant nap as soon as we left the parking lot.

So aside from poor lighting [sigh,] little [camera and phone-- epic fail] battery, and a little girl that wouldn't sit still, I am happy with our experience and the photos I have to remember it :]
Can't wait to go back!

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