life truly is an adventure

Photobucket currently has a "Life's an Adventure" Story Contest going on that I just could not help but submit a story in. I wanted to try out their story feature anyway, so this was just a little motivation for me. It's very basic and pretty simple, and such a wonderful way to save and share, well...stories! So since the theme is Adventure [any kind,] I figured what greater adventure than growing up. My story inspiration stems from the fact that Logan is very, very close to outgrowing the "months" age. Typically, people stop referring to kids ages in months at 36 months, which Logan will be in February. Gahh! Time p l e a s e slow down. Just a little! I can't believe 3 already... So as you can imagine for a mother of an almost three year old, this was such a fun project for me to stroll down memory lane and look at all of Lo's baby-baby pictures. She was he cutest little darn thing, ever. So anyway, my hopes of winning this competition aren't very high, but it would be nice. Especially, since my recent reality check with my student loan debt. Ugh! Check out our story HERE and let me know what you think. "LIKE" it if you do. I would grately appreciate it. Your vote would heighten my 'social engagement' score and only make my story that more appealing to the actual judges. No pressure! :] Try to make one of your own HERE if you feel motivated or inspired, like I myself did. If you do, please let me know, so I can visit your story in return.

IMPORTANT: You have to click "LIKE" on the top right of my story ON Photobucket in order to submit your vote. Thanks so much!!  Contest ends this Sunday, December 9th!

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