thrift finds

So we've been doing a lot of thrifting around here these days. It is such fun! And because we have had such luck with our finds, i'm motivated to do it some more.

Here are our recent finds:

A sweater for me :] My new fav!// Lo's new "grunge shirt." It is a boys shirt, but it looks adorable on her. We're trendsetters too, these days.// A shirt for me. Double :]// Baby carriage for Lo. After a coat of spray paint, some new lace-- and we got ourselves a Christmas gift! Swoon!// I also found these vintage Christmas pencils. They are not in the greatest of shape, but the price was next to nothing and they were way too cute to leave there. And...they work!// "House plants" for Lo's doll house. The perfect addition!// Winter hat for Lo. So cute. Looks adorable on..but of course she wouldn't pose for a picture in it.// And our last find was that  gorgeous old school blouse which we are going to try to work into our Christmas attire...somehow.// 

Along with these, Lo has become a pro at rummaging through the junk to find the perfect toys to add to her collection.


  1. Awesome finds! Your daughter is adorable!!

  2. I get a thrill finding some great stuff too!
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