dear santa, please don't take this personally

This year Logan is asking mommy for presents in hopes that she won't have to talk to-- or even talk about for that matter, the big man in red. 

Clearly, she is not a fan. Not at all... 

Her plan was, and still is, to avoid him at all costs. This includes: not welcoming him into our house Christmas Eve while we are sleeping to deliver presents. 

This girl means business. 

Initially, she was insistent on receiving no presents, so long as it meant, Santa's sleigh would not land on our roof. That "no presents" thing changed quickly once she realized that Santa wasn't the only one who could buy presents. She also noted that Santa wasn't the only one who could wrap presents, and that he certainly wasn't the only one who could place presents under the tree. 

This girl is smart. 
Too smart.

She may be afraid and lack any courage when it comes to facing Santa and his big white beard, but she has logic. No doubt. 

Despite her wishes, Santa will still be delivering presents this year. She'll thank me when she is older. [Right?] Positive reinforcement?? I think so! I hope so.... 


  1. haha oh somehow pictures of kids crying on santa's lap are better than then smiling cause you just have to laugh

  2. I remember when my middle son was little, telling him how Santa was going to come down the chimney and leave presents and he got very animated and shook his head back and forth saying, No! No! No! he was not happy with that either and we didn't talk too much about Santa that year : /