yesterday in princeton

Yesterday we spent some time outdoors walking around the gorgeous, beautiful college campus that is Princeton University. This is one of our favorite spots to visit. We love the cute stores, fun book shops, food, and beautiful sights. We usually go in the spring or the fall, but yesterday we decided to venture out and enjoy the town while it was a little less crowded [with students on Holiday break.] So we ventured out into the cold. Regardless of the bitter chill and harsh winds, we had such a fun time walking around and taking in the sights. Logan loved looking at all of the "castles" --we even went into a few, which added to her realistic thought of being an actual princess. The building pictured right [my favorite] is the University Chapel who's inside beauty matched its outside.
Lo loved spending time with her cousin and being able to walk around campus freely like a big kid. She totally thought she was "one of the guys." Laugh and all. Haha
We also had a lot of fun with Instagram.
 The matching North Face's= not planned.
The matching Einsteins= totally planned.

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  1. Amazing photos! It was a delight to see them this evening! I am visiting from the blog hop on The Pink Momma! I hope you are off to a great and happy new year!