move over, gingerbread houses

...and hello Christmas tree cones. These cute little christmas trees have been popping up on pinterest left and right. Here and here were our inspiration.  As soon as I saw them, I knew they would be perfect for a Sunday afternoon kitchen activity. Basically, every time I try my hand at assembling a gingerbread house, I fail. Epically. Most likely the result of not waiting long enough for the structure to dry. But seriously, who has time to wait? Especially when working with kids. Not me. So when I saw these, I knew it was meant to be.  No assembly required, no waiting, and same end result [pretty much.] Match made in heaven.
For our "decoration" supplies we used what we had on hand and picked up a few other items to cater to our specific likes. I do not recommend the skittles, as they were a little too heavy and most of the time slid down the side. Everything else worked perfectly. Not pictured are the sprinkles we had on hand [gold and green.]

This activity was a total crowd pleaser. My mom, brother, nephews, and myself all enjoyed decorating, just as much [questionably more so] as Logan did :]

We used food coloring to make different color trees. The pink was my favorite.

 Logan mostly ate as she decorated. It's safe to say for every one M&M on her tree, she put two in her mouth. Haha. This girl loves chocolate. So does her daddy. In fact, he ended up joining in the fun..and helping Lo finish off the M&Ms.


  1. Yes, such a cute idea! I've never seen it before but it looks fun even for me and my big kids. What a cute apron your little girl is wearing : ) I found you through Laura's blog.