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Our letters this week were "k" and "t." 
With Thanksgiving falling during this week, we were able to work our 'letter of the week' into our holiday themed lessons. I love this little foam glitter turkey Lo made.
I've created a little homework packet that I leave out on Logan's table for her to grab whenever she wants. So far, she takes her homework very seriously. I love those sweet little hands.
We've been working on writing. I try to pull a word from each entry in her creative journal and have her write it. I find she does better in writing capital letters over lower case. 

Any other preschool mama's have suggestions with that? 

Some days she loves to write, other days it's work.

 This cut out came from a National Geographic magazine. The kids faces caught Lo's eye right away.
 We hand made our Christmas cards this week too. Lo did a great job assembling and decorating the trees.
We did a lot of play this week-- more so than usual. This girl could spend hours playing with her doll house. We even put up the tree in the doll house.
 And we made a (very random) letter to Santa. Logan addressed, signed, drew a portrait of Santa, and told me what to write. Fun times!

This week was a random all around. We also did a pine needle paintbrush craft, and visited a Christmas shop. We spent lots of time using our button sensory bin. We've been busy with play-dates and visits with Great-Grandma (one of Lo's most favorite ladies.)

Week 13-15, I plan to focus more on counting and sorting.

With the Holidays upon us, the next few weeks are going to be hectic. So for lack of missing out on anything, I am going to start and end our week with a new "letter of the week" rather than going by the set week on the calander. These weeks are just going way to fast, I can hardly keep up. 

I am happy with the progress we've made so far and excited for some new things in the new year for our little preschool homeschool program.

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  1. I love all of the craft projects and creativity that happen at your house! Play time looks like so much fun!