wobbel board


It has been quite the adventure finding play items that double as a therapeutic aid in helping Adler become a strong walker. In-home physical therapists no longer bring their own items, so many times I’m scrambling for new creative ways to make such things: couch cushions, pool noodles, cardboard boxes, etc. So when I saw this Wobbel Board, I knew we had to have it! It arrived just in time for Adler to work on strengthening + balance in his core. Since it’s arrival it has been used in both therapy sessions and free play. Logan loves it too. (maybe even more so!) Both kids use it daily: a cool place to drink milk, watch a movie, practice yoga, do ‘rocky’, breakfast tray, slide, ramp— all the ways. More than I hoped or needed. Hypotonia mamas the Wobbel Board is a must! All mamas actually— we love it!

See more Wobbel Boards in action on Instagram here and here.

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