butterfly art

Can there be such as thing as too hot to swim? Well, today we declared it. And although the kids managed to get a little pool time in, much of the day was spent indoors. 

I recently came across a fellow mama blogger, Kim, and her awesome blog with craft ideas, inspiration, and tons of printables --> win!

Last week Lo and I were butterfly watching in the backyard-- so when I saw this printable, I knew it would make a perfect summer craft that would allow for me to expand off of one experience to further our knowledge and re-examine what we had already learned. 

Logan and her cousins each got a printable and paints to share. I love how different-but-same they all look. The older boys really took their time and put a lot of effort/thought into their butterfly. I loved that they were just as excited about it as Logan was. 

I am so happy to have found Kim's blog, and highly recommend it to other mama's looking for some ideas to keep their kids creative sparks going. I already have a few things printed out for future crafting and others bookmarked [for later printing] for Lo's homeschool preschool program.


  1. I hate to imagine how stinking hot 'too hot to swim' must be! Ugh!

    But, those butterflies are super cute! That's a fun craft, I'm always looking for kiddie craft ideas - off to check out her site!

  2. Oh no! Too hot to swim! The butterflies are beautiful! Looks like they had fun.

    I followed you on GFC.


  3. It was too hot to swim here the other day -- the water felt boiling and less than refreshing! :(

  4. They did a great job painting those butterflies... they are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Hope to see you again today!